Vedic Astrology Signs: Taurus

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Taurus is ruled by Venus expressing her feminine side. It’s the earth quality of Venus which shows a very strong sensual nature and a nature that is interested in gathering and holding on to pleasure and happiness.  Venus is the planet of happiness and pleasure, and through the sign of Taurus, she reflects upon these ideas and creates an inner environment of duty and order.  Venus also rules the sixth house from Taurus which shows they can be very hard-working, loyal, dependable people willing to take on difficult tasks as long as there’s a sense of purpose and potential to create beauty and harmony in process.

But Venus ruling the sixth house also shows where Taurus can be their own worst enemy by having a lot of sensual weakness.  Taurus must overcome their desire to experience pleasure just for themselves, they must learn to share.  It is a sign that can be greedy and not necessarily able to see beyond their own needs and desires and the things that they’ve made a commitment to emotionally.  It’s very much a sign of comfort and peace and family and it can be quite possessive as a fixed Earth sign, it can be one of the most possessive signs in the whole zodiac.

This is also the sign where the moon is exalted so it shows the fixed Earth quality, it’s very good for the moon which is our emotional state.  The nature of Taurus to rule the mouth and face and sensual organs is very profound because Taurus shows where we want to take in enjoyment and experience pleasure, it also shows a quality of respect and values that we want to extend to others.

A Taurus person will go into situations and want to create stability and structure and order but they must be careful not to cling too much to form and the things they’ve made an emotional commitment to.  Many times a Taurus person is very resistant to change and they can cling to situations that they would better be let go of.  They can often place more importance on stability more than growth and they must learn to let go of things once their time is done.

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