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Taurus is white in complexion and is lorded by Venus. It is long, is a quadruped sign and is strong in the night. It resides in the South and represents villages. It is of a Vaishya cast, its element is the Earth, it is Rajoguni and it rises with its' back.

Earth - Taurus seeks to follow a consistent and practical path.
Fixed - Taurus will prefer perfecting the things they have started rather than starting new things or being flexible and open to the many possibilities.
Female- Taurus is a negatively charged sign - given to reflection and the internal process.
Rajas - Taurus is primarily motivated by the possibility of fulfilling a desire.
Quadruped - Taurus has 4 legs, which shows they have a high capacity to move forward and persevere when things get tough.
Long - Taurus will do the same thing for a long time and feel good about being able to continue long after others have given up.
Venus - Taurus is ruled by Venus, which shows a sensual and courteous path through life.

At the evolutionary stage of Taurus the soul learns to slow down and gather, hold and refine, to preserve and beautify, to be comfortable and to enjoy. It is through the fixed quality of Earth and the feminine expression of the Planet Venus that the Taurus native expresses itself. They are slow in starting and even slower in changing. The Bull "resides in villages," which shows the social nature of these creatures. Venus makes them sensual in nature and usually very comfortable around people and nurturing with them. They usually like to cook and eat and are very connected to their home environment and to worldly forms and comforts in general. Taurus rules the face, including all of its sense organs, and thus the Taurean must watch the tendency to overindulge in the senses. The Bull is a gentle yet strong and persevering creature. He is also a quadruped sign, but unlike Aries he has a slow and plodding nature, not at all reckless or impulsive. Steadiness and patience are found with the Bulls. However this natural steadiness leads to stubbornness. In order to get a Bull to change it's mind or it's course you must "lock horns" with them. Once engaged in an activity or a mindset they are usually in it for the long haul as they have a "long" appearance. . They can cling to form and situation, exhibiting a unique blend of stubbornness and compromise. Once an idea or situation is embraced as their own, they are slow to change, yet willing and able to endure much emotional hardship in order to maintain stability. This results in frustration and leads them to "seeing red." They have a temper, being usually slow to anger and to forgive. But their natural peace loving nature gives them strong powers of compromise which can be a barrier to positive change in the un evolved Taurean who is attached more to security than to growth.

The Taurus native will experience vulnerability surrounding the use of a positive self willed nature and a curious, experimental approach, as shown by the Moon ruling the 3rd house. They will compensate for that by looking to maintain consistency and domestic security as the Sun rules the 4th house.