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There are many Relocation Astrology Reading, Astrocartography and locational Astrology reading offers here.

Relocation astrology reading

The  relocation astrology reading can be integrated into the 90 minute general life readingrelocation astrology

Are You thinking of relocating
but not sure of where to go?

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Vedic Relocation Astrology
can be a tremendous help offering more than simplistic Astrocartography. Coordinating your goals with your unique Astro energetic is what Vedic Astro Mapping is all about. View this link to an Astro Map. Each of these lines correspond to a planet and show a different aspect of our overall energy and potential. The planetary lines show the paths of the planets on the day and time that you were born. You can't change where you were born, but you CAN change your location to maximize what your life becomes.

Move to place that will improve:
* Your love life / relationships leading to starting a family
* Your career and income / status
* Your level of inner peace
* Your deeper connection to truth and your Spirituality
* Returning to School / Higher education

A Closer Look

The Birth Chart shows the planets in the sky at the moment of birth. The Planets are arranged around the globe, showing the energies in our mind and the events (Karmas) we will want to have take place in our lives at given times. We suffer most in life when the desires and mental impressions (Samsaras) that arise in our minds are not able to be fulfilled by our external circumstances. Relocation is a way to align your external circumstances with your internal pattern of energy.

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For instance, you are very focused on your career, yet you just can't seem to get ahead, debts are accumulating, etc. Or marriage is on your mind, or Spirituality, or you have health issues. In a Vedic Astrolocation Reading I will look at your Birth Chart and compare it to different locations that you are considering or find a better location entirely, based on your priorities needs and overall life course.
How does it work?  
     When a chart is relocated many factors change especially the ascendant and degrees to house cusps and important degrees of influence. In Vedic Astrology each house position changes the meaning of a Planet because each Planet rules 2 Houses, participates in Yogas (Important combinations based on house position) and indicates many other characteristics. When relocating a chart, I use use all of the 16 Varga charts (Harmonic Charts) when determining location, as well as all calculations that qualify Planets in a relocated Chart.    

Each of these lines correspond to a Planet and shows a different aspect of our overall energy and potential.
(Shri Jyoti Star Software)
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 Above is a thumbnail of the same chart relocated from one place to another. Notice the Different ascendants in the Large Chart and the 2 Smaller charts.
(KALA Software)
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