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Relationship Astrology Reading - 1 love astrology


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A  relationship Astrology reading will show if you have a Zodiac love match based on your horoscope compatibility. The truth behind relationship Compatability lies beyond simplistic Sun Sign and synastry charts. Allow me to help using the time tested and comprehensive methods of Vedic Astrology.

Our desire to connect to others is as deep as our desire for Self knowledge. Our relationship with ourselves is
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mirrored in our relationship with others as it is through others that we ultimately face ourselves. An Astrology reading to determine if you have a Zodiac love match based on your horoscope compatibility will reveal the truth about your relationship patterns. 

Vedic Relationship analysis is ancient and very accurate. Even though we have evolved culturally, with equality between the sexes in the workplace, etc., males and females (or their archetypes for gay couples) still function according to a deep bio programming in relationships.

Before we can be a good partner we have to feel good about ourselves and be empowered in our gender type. Masculine energy has the traits of the Sun - Feminine energy has the traits of the Moon

Masculine energy is like the Sun which
rises everyday, giving life and lighting up the world, feeling responsible for life, knowing that if he stopped shining life would end, noticing the other planets revolving around him and needing his light to see themselves. Masculine energy emulates this - power, resposibility, duty, clarity, self assuredness, confidence which may lead to egoism. It follows a consistent course of clarity, truth and protection.  When  not able to live in accordance with these ideals masculine energy fails. The Sun shows how men are the most comfortable with thought and action. Male energy is related to Fire.
Key: Men seek clarity, independence and strength -
When men do good, they will feel good

Feminine energy is like the Moon which is one of receptivity, creativity, flexibilty and connection. The Moon, through regulating the oceans and weather patterns on Earth, allows the light of the Sun to produce life and creatures to experience life. The Moon is the most beautiful object and the full Moon sends us to the brink of love's madness, passion and reflection. Feminine energy is most comfortable with flexibility, feeling and reflection. As such the woman wants to be powerful in her receptive feminine nature, just like the Moon. When she is not able to live in accordance with these ideals the woman will suffer. Female energy is related to Water.
Key: Women seek connection and love -
When women feel good, they will do good

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