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ASTROLOGY READINGS - 45 min - $79.00 | 90 min - $159.00 storemail

Top Ten Reasons To Get an Astrology Reading From Me:

1) You Will Learn to Maximize Your Personal Strengths and Minimize Your Weaknesses.

2) You Will Learn to Improve Relationships With Others and Yourself. This Includes Maximizing Your Current Relationship and All Compatibility Issues.

3) You Will Find The Best Place to Live For More Prosperity, Peace and Happiness.

4) You Will Get Invaluable Career Guidance, Leading to More Prosperity and Fullment.

5) You Will Learn the Most Auspiscious Time to Make and Move, Start a Business, Get Married, or Any Other Issue.

6) You Will Become Better Educated About Your Own Astrology Chart, As opposed To The Reading Being "Above Your Head". You Will Understand Why Everything is Said.

7) You Will Feel More Peaceful, Relaxed and Connected to This Benevolent Universe Supporting Your Growth.

8) You Will Learn Routines amd Strategies That Allow You to Harmonize and Integrate Your Astrological Makeup. This includes, Gems, Mantras and Other Remedies When Approrpriate.  

9) You Will Receive A Free Audio Recording of Your Reading That You Will Have Forever.

10) You Will Receive A Discount on Any of the Many Classes I Have Taught. 

I Talk Fast So, Per Word, You Get A Real Bang for The Buck.

Don't take My Word For it, Here is a Small Sampling of What others Say:

Relocation Astrology 45 min - $79.00 | 90 min - $159.00 store mail

I just spoke to Sam this afternoon regarding my relocation chart. I am into vedic astrology and have been studying for 3 years. Sam did a fantastic job. His knowledge surpasses anyone I know and I have dealt with many astrologers, western and vedic. Thank you Sam for helping me. You made it so clear and precise. The things you said on how i felt and what experiences i had were on the money. Anyone who needs any type of reading, i recommend Sam completely. Blessings to you!


"I would highly reccommend Sams astrology services. I  initially had a relocation reading from Sam, he spoke of a  place and how good that would be for me, but at the moment, the  best place was probably where I was. I was quite skeptical of  this area, but then suddenly things started happening and then  after i visited, I realized he was right on! I have since  gotten several readings. One which helped me immeasuralbly when  my mother died and things felt really bleak. I wish I had taken  his advice and waited to sell a property when he suggested. I  would have made an extra$40,000 if i had listened to him. The  price you pay for the reading will be well worth it.


Dear Sam,
Do you want a testimonial about salt lake city!  It is unreal  what is starting to happen to me,.. In one day I bought a condo  and rented it the next to A neurologist furnished on a 6 month  lease prepaid!!! And I buying another one now and will close in  3 weeks or so plus The owner of the complex is in partners with  the owner of the Utah Jazz basket ball team and I have become  friends with them. SLC is much better even if it is MORMAN!    CHUCK


Name joe d
Comments Sam was a great help during my relocation reading!  Thanks to his talents and wisdom he helped me clarify my  intentions, and I am heading to Zipolite Mexico this fall on a  2 month sabbatical to explore the possibility of opening a  yoga/retreat center there!  - Joe - WA


"SAM Thanks for the great reading,... Once you got going, you were really on a roll! You confirmed my thoughts that living in the west would be a better place for me than living in the east. Based on my limited astrological understanding, I thought my chart was stronger in the west. Your analysis added depth and breadth to my understanding. I had never considered the Jupiter improvement that you brought to light. I was more focused on the sun and the strength of the ashtakavarga for 1st & 10th houses,.. You also confirmed my thinking that Hawaii was NOT a good place for me to live. Thanks again for your astrological expertise." Fr,.. VA Beach

General Astrology 45 min - $79.00 | 90 min - $159.00 storemail


"Comments My session was exemplary of an exceptionally gifted  and attuned astrologer. Sam shared a wonderful sensitivity and  technical understanding for vedic introduction. His guidance  was tremendously fortifying and accurate. Thank you! - ShriRam CA



"Sam You woke me up!! Vedic astrology put so much sense into my  life like nothing else has. I really want to thank you for  making me see the truth and not just a blurry picture!!! Toni - NY


"Sadasiva will look at your chart and tell you things about yourself you thought only you knew." Ana - Ca


"Thank you so much for all you have done. I have already given your name and email address out to several people hoping they will contact you for readings. I look forward to the cd and learning the Mantras. Amma sent me to you for a reason and I am very grateful." jan - CA


"The positive astrology info you sent definitely gives me some new hope. In darkness a couple of rocks can feel like the base of a mountain. Thank you for turning on some light... It is amazing how much more precise Vedic Astrology seems to be. Never have I had a western astro reading where someone has told me that my mom had too many of her own issues to be able to provide stability, and that I will be challenged to develop inner peace and security.... on my own! Do you know how many sessions of Shrinkdom one would have to go through to reach that realization? sometimes years......... and thats if your lucky enough to get a good shrink..." -- Ana CA


"Sam is an incredible & compassionate person. I had an amazing, awesome, & accurate Vedic Astrology reading with him. His guidence has helped to transform my life. He is an excellent listener & is very knowledgeable in the realms of Vedic, Yoga, & has infinite informational resources on healing. I cannot think of a more wonderful person to facilitate & give direction to the experiences in my life. I am grateful to him & feel blessed by receiving the healing gifts he has to offer. Namaste & Thank you Sam!
Peace & love to you always :) Davey G




"I had my first vedic astrology reading done by Sam the other day and WOW. Very nice! If you are considering having a reading, I would recommend him. He is very professional, insightful, and puts his heart into it. I will use his services again. Thanks Sam for the wonderful reading.


"Dear Sadasiva,
Namaste - I have now listened to your reading 3 times. I want to thank you most sincerely for your words which are helpful and revealing and give me so much to think about. I will be in touch soon. You are an extraordinary and wonderful man! With love and thanks 

Relationship Astrology 45 min - $79.00 | 90 min - $159.00 storemail


Dear Sam, the things you said about  my relationship were very accurate and i feel the information and reading was useful. It made sense. I feel a lot better, even though there may be difficulties ahead, i feel better  prepared for them. thanks. - Cha..- UK  


"It was great having the reading from you. We were both encouraged, and feel we know what the potential pitfalls may be. I was concerned that it could have been quite different, but then again, thats exactly what I wanted to know. - J..


" Hi Sam, Your reading was great...remarkable, in fact, considering you know so little about us personally. The timing also seems perfect, giving us what we need to know just now in our lives,.. Thanks for you enlightened help,- J..

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45 min - $79.00 | 90 min - $159.00 storemail

The 90 Minute General Astrology Reading Will Touch On All Facets of Life


  sadasiva sam geppi astrologerSadasiva has over 20 years of Vedic Study and experience. He is a Hatha Yoga instructor and certified Vedic Astrologer and Teacher through the American College of Vedic Astrology (level 2) as well as author of "The Ascendant". He also has contributed to various publications. His Greatest inspiration is combining classical Yoga with classical Vedic Astrology. He maintains a busy Astrology practice from his home in San Francisco
Private tutoring toward ACVA level 1 and level 2 certification is available:
$60.00 / hr. or
$500.00 per 10 sessions.