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Nancy Wallace Internet Radio Show


Recent Eclipse Show

From The Host and Producer:
'Sam has been a guest on my show several times and always delivers an informed, sensitive and insightful segment that my listeners enjoy. We will certainly have him back again.'

- Rob McConnell- Host & Executive Producer, The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show.

Planet Glee - Public Access Fame


Teaching at The Blast Astrology Conference





Here is an ad and audio from a recent Radio Appearance. X-Zone Radio is broadcast on thousands of stations all over the world. Recent Guests include Rob Brezny


REALITY SANDWICH RADIO - Through Healthful Living

December 7th 2006 - Sam Geppi - Vedic Astrologer. Learning more about ourselves and the world through Vedic Astrology.
Host: Julie and Martin Matthews
Martin's note: I hadn't realized that Vedic Astrology's study of the stars goes back thousands of years and is related to other traditional practices of India such as Ayurveda and Yoga. Through this interview with Sam I have a much deeper comprehension of this antient human sphere of ponderance and insight into the nature and influences of our reality.