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Relationship Astrology Reading - 3 kuta points

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The kuta point system is a powerful and unique feature of vedic relationship astrology. It shows the level of your horoscope compatibility.

The Kuta Point System - 
Vedic Astrology uses a point system that mathematically calculates the personal traits of each person’s Birth Nakshatra.

Preliminary factors:   

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*Vedha - Obstruction - a terrible blemish – mutually repellent nakshatras
*Rajju - Rope - binds a couple to misfortune based on similar body part–*Strii Deergha –  Shows the distance between the Moons. The Shortest distance should be from the Man’s to the Woman’s Moon.

The Kutas are:  
*Nadi - Dosha - Balance in emotional element – there is windy, fiery and watery nadi – If a couple hjave the same nadi there will be an excess of that element. Air=intellect – Fire =anger – Water=emotion. 8 points
*Bhava - Sign - Friendliness of Moon Sign Aspect - Whether there is similar / supportive mental outlook.  7 points
*Gana - Temperament - God, Devil or Human temperament – Best when the woman has the higher temperament. 6 points
*Graha Maitram - Friendliness of Moon sign Lord – Shows a similarity of interests and an ease of personal styles. 5 points
*Yoni - Sexual and deeper urge compatibility – Shows the capacity to bond through intense experiences, like sex or after arguments – or sex after arguments! - 4 points
*Tara – Day matching - Important for the Woman to feel cherished - 3 points
*Vasya - "Dutiful” - special inner connection – 2 points
*Varna - Caste - relates to the station in life – 1 point
*Mahendra - another special connection – means great lord.

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