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Indian Astrology

sam geppi astrologerSam Geppi practices astrology in San Francisco, California. He's the author of "The Ascendant". He offers free astrology classes and free daily horoscopes at his website. He also has many free astrology classes and offerings for his newsletter. Indian astrology is based on planets, astrology signs and astrology houses, just like Western astrology. But Indian astrology also uses the distant stars, called "Nakshatras", in the horoscope itself. This adds a level of specificity and detail not found in the Western astrology readings.

Indian astrology is also practiced or a scientifically as its origin is in the Vedas, the ancient Indian, Hindu scriptures. Indian astrology is very closely related to Ayurveda, and yoga, the sister sciences of India. An Indian astrologer often prescribes the same type of remedies that an Ayurvedic doctor would prescribe to clients. Also, many Indian astrologers practice yoga and understand these concepts and share them with their clients.

Sam Geppi is also a certified yoga teacher, as well as being a certified Indian astrologer. Sam Geppi is also a regular columnist for