It is the nature of the planets as house lords that adds the powerful and subtle complexity that underpins the science of Vedic Astrology  and in many ways is the main impetus for this book. In Vedic Astrology each planet operates in a completely different manner depending on the ascendant due to the shift that occurs from the planet’s ruling sign(s) relative to the ascendant in question. In order to truly make sense of how each planet will operate through the 12 ascendants we turn to the rules as laid out by Sage Parashara.       


            From Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra’s chapter on Yoga  Karakas we get the Sutras for determining the planets as temporal lords.


“A Saumya  (benefic) angle lord doesn’t produce auspicious  effects, a Krura   (malefic) likewise no inauspicious effects, and auspicious is a trine lord.”

  Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 2


“The Lagna is both an angle and trine and particularly auspicious, the 5th and 9th are particularly wealth producing.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 3


“The 7th and 10th are particularly comfort producing, Trishadaya (3rd, 6th and 11th) lords in all ways are mentioned as Grahas of evil effects.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 4


“The 12th, 2nd and 8th lords from their association the effects caused, the related Bhavas in ascending order are increasingly stronger.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 5


“The lord of the ninth’s 12th is likewise the 8th lord and, therefore, doesn’t cause auspicious effects, likewise if also the 3rd, 7th or 11th lord, but good effects if also a trine lord.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 6    


“Of the mentioned lords joining, the strong resists the weaker; no blemish of 8th lordship is caused the Sun and Moon.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 7


“The auspiciousness mentioned of an evil angle lord is brought about when it is also a trine lord, not when it is only an angle lord.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 14


“Whenever an angle or trine lord also lords an evil Bhava, the person does not gain the Yoga  by the Sambandha.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra: YogaKarakas, 15



The table below and the following guidelines reflect the above Sutras.



Least Strong



Purpose or Goal

Trines (+)




Identity and Dharma

Angles (0)





Cruel (-)





Neutral (0)




Security, Insecurity, Trust


In this chart the Trines have a plus sign, which denotes they lead us to positive awakening. The cruel houses have a Minus sign, which shows they lead us farther from this awakening. The angles and neutral houses have a zero, which shows they do neither. The houses are also ranked, based on the above Sutras, according to their dominance.  


General Rules:


As is the case with most Astrological texts, there are ground rules that establish the parameters and define the major principles involved, and then there are exceptions which modify these basic rules and add nuance to them. The same is true here. First it is important to digest the meaning of these rules, only then do the exceptions become relevant.   


Some Observations:


There is much insight here. The sage is teaching powerful lessons about how to view our worldly life. It is clear to see that most areas of life have no bearing on the development of our consciousness. They merely serve to either awaken a deeper sense of duty to evolve toward truth through introspection, self-knowledge and surrender (as shown by the trines and houses 1,5 and 9 respectively) or to over exert our self-willed nature through personal effort, argument and ambition (the cruel houses of 3,6 and 11 respectively).

Dharma is related to the fire principle, as it is through the alchemy and illumination of fire that we gain access to the truth. When the Dharmic areas of life are weak, the flame does not burn brightly enough to illuminate, rather it will create smoke that obscures.

The main obscuring factor to gaining truth is desire, since two of the three cruel houses are Kama houses. Our personal, self-willed desires (3rd house) and our desires for worldly gain and ambition (11th houses) take us further from truth and our Dharma. The other cruel house, the 6th house is an Artha house. It shows where our quest for wealth becomes excessive and forceful by bringing us into conflict and battle with others.

The 7th house, the sphere of our relationships, is the lone Kama house not included in the cruel trinity. Obviously our relationships have something to teach beyond the desire we hope to fulfill through them. The compromise we learn through relationships justifies the passion and energy we expend in maintaining them, rendering them as neutral. The sage himself in these Sutras gives praise, “The 7th and 10th are particularly comfort producing”. We are not here to suffer through life. Our relationships and careers are two important areas of life that allow for enjoyment and fulfillment, yet they do not take us closer to or further away from truth.  

The Moksha houses (two of which are Dusthanas) are all neutral. The Moksha houses are generally where we can feel the most pained and vulnerable, through the emotions, (4th house) life’s breaks and changes (8th house) and letting go of our attachment to our personality and efforts. (12th house) Despite the drama we have with these areas of life, in and of themselves they have little impact, except for bringing us to a point of reckoning. At this point we will choose the Dharmic or cruel path. 


Exceptions to Each Ascendant

Having established the rules above, Parashara then refines the general guidelines and gives the specific exceptions to those rules for each ascendant.

There is a consistent worsening of effect for Jupiter and Venus, especially Venus. The Rishi proclaims her to be an evil Graha for 7 out of 12 Rasis. With the exception of the Saturn and Mercury ruled Lagnas, she is evil (even for Libra, the sign of her Mulatrikona, she is neutral). When considering her exaltation point falls in cruel houses from the houses she rules, (in the 6th house form Libra and the 11th house from Taurus) the nature of Venus is revealed to be a Graha that requires our self willed, individual effort to transform. This effort will likely bring disruptions to the areas of life she rules.  Also a worsening is often seen when a planet is the Lord of the ruling planet’s debilitation Rasi. (Jupiter for Mercury ruled ascendants, Mars for Saturn ruled ascendants). Benefics ruling angles (except the Moon for Libra and Mercury for Sagittarius) are also worsened.

Below are the Sutras, with the exceptions noted and potential explanations offered for each of the exceptions. It would be presumptuous for me or any one else to lay claim to exclusive and absolute understanding of these important exceptions; however the explanations offered are consistent with the principles explored and reinforced in this book and therefore relevant.     



“Though the 8th lord, Mars causes auspiciousness in association with an auspicious. Saturn, Mercury and Venus are evil, auspicious are Jupiter and the Sun, not auspicious is the simple union of Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter’s dependence also insures evil action, Venus is especially a killer with the qualities of a Maraka. Saturn and evil Grahas are also killers. Thus the effects are known as caused by Aries Lagna, Dvijottama.”   

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, YogaKarakas, 19-22


Exceptions:: Venus is evil not neutral, Jupiter’s dependence insures evil action, Saturn and evil Grahas are also killers.

Venus loses grace as a neutral planet exalted and debilitated along the difficult 6th and 12th house axis, becoming evil. With her exaltation point in the 12th house, at best she brings expenses, ups and downs, disillusionment and apathy with each desire she is able to fulfill. These problems cause a reevaluation of the energy spent on fulfilling their desires, which serves to awaken Aries natives to greater devotion and less selfishness. At worst she removes the obstacles to her charms allowing a sleepy fulfillment since Venus is asleep in the 6th house. Either way, this is most difficult energy for the Aries native.

“Jupiter’s dependence ensures evil action” is clearly shown by his debilitation point falling in the “Karma Bhava,” the 10th house of action. This is reinforced by the insistence of inauspiciousness of a Saturn / Jupiter association and naming Saturn a “killer.”



“Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are evil, auspicious are Saturn and the Sun, RajaYoga producing is Saturn, Mercury offers less auspiciousness. Jupiter, etc. and also Mars destroy having Maraka qualities. Thus the modified results caused by Taurus Lagna according to sages.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, YogaKarakas, 23-24


Exceptions:: Sun as auspicious - Mercury as less auspicious..

All three gentle planets are considered evil for the Taurus native, even the Moon who is exalted here. These three gentle planets rule the cruel houses. Mercury, as the 2nd and 5th lord would clearly seem to be a good planet, yet the sage says he “offers less auspiciousness.” The two planets at the extremities of experience, the Sun and Saturn are presented as auspicious. Saturn is obvious as a Yoga  Karaka planet. The Sun is surprising, but makes sense when you look at the problem of the Taurus native. The same reason Mercury gets demoted, the Sun gets promoted. Mercury is a Graha whose skilled nature facilitates the Taurean pleasure cycle and thus loses grace, whereas the Sun is the Graha of forbearance and allows for a purification of desires and gives the strength to sacrifice. The Sun does this naturally as his Dasa and Antardasa periods (Vimshottari scheme) always follow Venus cycles. For Taurus, the Sun as the 4th lord, whose exaltation point is in the 12th house, he awakens the native to their need to let go of a “security at all costs” attitude. He does this by creating ups and downs and expenses through excessive accumulation. This forces the native to transform and learn to be alone, as they can be too much of a herd animal. A weak Sun may actually bring a smooth domestic life, yet he will deny the breaks and changes that would have forced the purification as shown by his exaltation in the 12th house. Saturn is exalted in the 6th house. Venus rules this 6th house along with the Lagna, revealing the native to be his or her own worst enemy.



“Mars, Jupiter and the Sun are evil, Venus is the only auspicious one, Jupiter’s Yoga with Saturn is like that caused for Aries. The Moon is the principle killer who produces effects according to association. Thus the modified results caused by Gemini Lagna according to the learned.”

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, YogaKarakas, 25-26