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 Overview of the Vedic Astrology chart

 A Side by Side Comparison of a Vedic and a Western Chart

 A study on Varga Charts (Harmonic or Divisional Charts)

 Interactive Astrology Reading using Britney Spears Chart

Many More Videos to come

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  1. "Stellar Relationship E-mail Course" - from Sam Geppi (Sadasiva)
  2. Vedic Relationship principles - Introduction to Relationship Astrology.
    Sam Geppi (Sadasiva)
    visit - for the manual and audio.
  3. Dr marc Halpern giving an introduction to Ayurveda.
  4. Ammachi's wisdom through audio lectures
  5. astrology glossary
  6. images:
  7. panchanga:
  8. hindu mythology (click on the lefthand side for all the gods, etc..):
  9. great rudraksha source:
  10. nice malas
  11. yoga teachings:
  12. bookstore in india with cheap astro and other books:
  13. shri lalita sahasranama:
  14. bija mantras:
  15. indian music:
  16. The site of Dr. Pankaj Seth, ND
    They have over 4 hours of free audio seminars here: click on the "audio
    seminars" link -- many great free lectures
  17. Ayurveda Test determines your overall constitution based on simple Yogic
    archetypes of the 5 elements - here is a good test to determine your predominant dosha.