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Hindu Astrology

sam geppi astrologerHindu astrology or Indian astrology is very precise and scientific. It uses the same planets, astrology signs and astrology houses as Western astrology. But it also uses the distant stars, the Nakshatras in the chart. Hindu astrology is a term that is used to describe the culture from which it comes. Sometimes it is also called Vedic astrology or Indian astrology. In fact, calling it "Hindu astrology" is a bit misleading, because astrology is not a religion whereas the term "Hindu" has religious connotations.

The term Hindu is a Western term that did not originate from the east Indians to which it refers. It's not my goal to go into a linguistic lesson however. Suffice to say, Hindu astrology is the astrology of India, with its origin in the Vedas, it is very precise way of measuring souls karma in this lifetime.

Hindu astrology works closely with Ayurveda, the medical system of India - and yoga, to bring the individual into balance with their predispositions. This balance allows a person to live life of peace, fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Sam Geppi practices Hindu astrology in San Francisco, California. He's the author of "The Ascendant". He has many free astrology classes for those who join his website. He has free daily horoscopes available for those who sign up receive his free astrology newsletter.