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There are many Family horoscope, family astrology and parent - child horoscopes information here.

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A Family Astrology reading will illuminate the parent child astrology factors. There are clear connections and indicators in birth charts of families. Not only will Astrology reveal the dynamic, but it will also offer remedies. Also genetic factors related to illness is also seen in the charts of families. As a full time Astrologer, more and more I am called to look at the charts of entire families and children, and help  with the individual and collective psychologies based on their charts. .    

Parent Child Astrology 

As a parent you are doing your best, yet one child take things more personally than another? Perhaps you are closer to one child, or simply understand them better. Why?, Surely it is not due to a lack of love. All of these subtleties are shown in the Astrological  charts. Each child, like each adult is here to learn a different thing, thus the same words and actions will impact each child in a different way. 

The above charts are from a recent client who sought clarity and insight into her marriage and guidance into why her husband and

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daughter do not bond. Even without understanding the implications of what each planet means, it is clear to see that Mom and daughter have more in common. Look at where Moms planets fall relative to the daughter's diagonal line. (rising sign) Mom has venus and mercury in daughters 1st house, whereas Dad has Ketu in daughters first house. Ketu is the planet of authority and criticism and it is on her Sun also. Thus it will be very easy for daughter to feel criticized by dad regardless of his intention. This is a classic placement of past life father / daughter association. Whereas Mom has gentle Venus in Daughters first house and playful communicative Mercury. Also mother does not understand Son very well, they are very different; yet Dad and son get along very well. Again it is clear why dad and son get along. Look at Dad's first house. (diagonal line) The Son has 3 planets in the dad's first house and dad has 2 planets in the Sons first house; both have exalted Mercury and Sun in Virgo. Mom has Moon in Virgo and daughter has no planets there. The client described their house as like 2 distinct camps and spheres of activity, Son and dad - Mom and daughter. This is what the charts of families look like. Seeing these associations is one thing, making sense of it and untangling each person's role in this dynamic is another. 

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That is where i can help. For instance in the daughters chart, she will feel inhibited by dad because of Ketu on her sun in the first house, but as a Taurus, the Sun is also her 4th house lord - which means it will cause her to withdraw even more into herself and perhaps seek relief through overompensatory eating or food problems. (confirmed by client) plus her ruling planet (venus) is also w/ Ketu, so she is driven to perfection also - thus the critical gaze of dad is magnified. Plus this ketu in the 2nd house shows an over reliance on others values (her fathers) for her self-esteem which she will likely rebel against later. (Rahu in the 8th) These issues are karmic in nature for the daughter. Parents can suffer greatly without realizing that their children are cycling through their own issues. I can help give better insight in to the psychology of your child so you know where they may be easily hurt, and also where your weaknesses are not in harmony with theirs.  

These family associations can be the most uplifting or the most painful. If you are suffering with a family member, I would be honored to help you untangle the relationship in a way that dignifies both you and the family member.           

Hari om