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A Career Astrology and Business Astrology Reading
Wll Bring Carity to Your Life Purpose

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Career Astrology Reading

The  career astrology reading can be integrated into the 90 minute general life reading career astrology reading

Karma means "action."
In Vedic culture the career is shown by the karma bhava, literally the "h ouse of action." Each of us is a unique being with unique talents and abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Through that unique nature we act in a world of consequence and take our place in it.

We all want to feel powerful, because underneath it all, we are pure power - like the Sun itself. The Sun is the "Karaka" (indicator) of career because just like the Sun, we all want to shine. We all want to be a beacon of light and clarity to others. We all want to know we can be accountable, responsible and handle our duties in a dignified and humble way. Many say they dream of having power, but truthfully, how many among us are ready to step up and be accountable? How many are ready to shine brightly and handle the scrutiny that accompanies being in a position of authority. How many of us crumble and whither beneath even mild scrutiny. How many give up our causes quickly when faced with being unpopular or having to compete? Can we sacrifice our pettiness and jealousy only if the cause is just? How will we handle this pressure, like a tyrant or a generous king? Can we be generous like the Sun, who even though he has all the power, holds onto to none of it? Or will we be like a greedy king, insisting on shining brighter than others, using the power we have to dominate. HOw much integrity do we really have? These larger themes are what the soul learns through the career. 

That "Vision Thing."
We are feel  compelled to do a great thing that only we can envision. Often times it is a combination of material prosperity for us and our family, doing work that the entire world will benefit from. We all dream big, what are your dreams? The Astrology Chart will show your deeper abilities, the best way to go about actualizing them and the reason you haven't achieved all that you want to achieve. Not only that, it will give strategies that will empower you to get the most out of your Career and life in general.

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Stepping into the Flow

In ancient India there was the concept of dharma, or "right  action." Dharma is the principle that each of us has a purpose, a divine purpose and when we do not fulfill it or feel  like we are fulfilling it, that is when we suffer.

Think about the times in your life when you were the happiest. They were when you were doing exactly what you were supposed to be doing at the time. Playing baseball as a kid, going to dance classes, playing after school, being in college. When we are doing what we are supposed to be doing in life, then we are flowing in harmony with it, not struggling against it.

Let me help you step into the flow of your highest purpose and right action.

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The  Career Astrology Reading can be integrated into the 
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