Venus Exalted in Pisces

I must confess, relationships are difficult for me. I’ve never been married and have never really wanted to be married. Yet, I love the company of women and sharing love — spreading joy, et cetera. For me, the hard work and sacrifice that it takes to move a relationship forward does not come easy. On many occasions this has led to a great deal of pain for me and others. Yet, once I began to understand astrology more, both from looking at my chart and many other charts, I began to realize the wisdom and genius of my relationships and do not feel the struggle that I once had over how things “should or shouldn’t be”.

I’ve come to realize that there are as many relationship realities as there are people to experience them. They are all different and they are all dignified. Difficulties occur when we don’t know ourselves or understand the dignity and genius of our life and incarnation. Almost every time I hear a person suffering, especially in relationship problems, it is because they’re comparing themselves to some external ideal that is incongruent with their unique genius. They have some romantic ideal about how things are “for others”.

One of the most valuable things that come from an astrology reading is hearing someone with no stake in your story explaining to you what they see, how they see the cosmic genius expressing itself through you. This reconnection to our fundamental truth cannot simply be forgotten. Most of the time it reacquaints us with the fact that our relationships or career or any other thing in our life is a result of our choices – our priorities.

As I said, my relationships by most people standards would be considered unsuccessful, or even a failure. Yet, by my standards, now that I have more understanding, they are beautiful and perfect. And in fact, they always have been – even when I didn’t know it. Yet, I am better aware now of how the choices I make affect others. Using the wisdom of astrology I’ve been able to better navigate the present astrological current.

I had a recent experience with this. I was supposed to meet up with someone/spend the weekend with them and decided not to. The timing just was not right astrologically for me or them. Even though it was decided months ago, I was not feeling it and so it did not happen. I explain more about that astrological situation below.


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  3. The connection between the current exalted Venus transit and your unique relationship patterning
  4. What to expect when Venus goes retrograde in Pisces
  5. What to expect when Mars joins Venus in Pisces
  6. What to expect when the sun joins Venus in Pisces
  7. What to expect when debilitated Mercury joins Venus in Pisces
  8. All of this in relationship to you current planetary cycles

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This current transit of Venus in Pisces has coincided with an equally powerful transit of Mars in Capricorn. Both of these planets are exalted. This means that both Venus and Mars are expressing themselves very powerfully right now.

Given the fact that Mars is also joined four other planets, in Capricorn, the nature of this exalted Venus is somewhat subdued right now. Instead, the dominant nature and themes of Capricorn has been prevalent. Hard work, determined effort, fear and inhibition have left us in more of a protective mode. Yet, there have been many heightened connections to relationship themes, but somewhat in the reverse. The softer and gentler qualities of Venus to relax and experiences pleasure has been muted.

These things are going change very soon. Once that happens, the exaltation cycle of Venus will take us on more of a romantic journey. Mars will continue and Capricorn until March 7. After that, there will be a major shift away from this protective, individualized and self-willed approach. However, the sun is about to leave Capricorn (on Thursday, February 12). Once the sun leaves Capricorn, we will begin to feel a thaw – and a softer nature emerge.


Get a 30 Minute Recorded Reading

for Only 49.99


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