Horoscopes Astrology – Solar Eclipse 7/21/2009

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Today’s solar eclipse is the longest of this century.

It exists along the Cancer/Capricorn axis. This axis is of rational, practical means and measures, which provide structure and boundaries (Capricorn) – opposed by irrational sensitivity and selfless love which dissolves boundaries (Cancer). Like all astrological phenomena, this axis is rich in many ways.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the part of us that just wants to feel good, and unless we feel good we cannot do any good. The moon is the archetype of feminine energy, the capacity and power to receive and the connections we form based on what we receive. The the Moon is like an opening that takes things in and tries to integrate them into our consciousness. We suffer in life because we are not flowing with our true nature. That sense of separateness hurts. The moon is the part that senses we are one and wants to dissolve boundaries that separate us from each other and from our higher Self.

The Moon is the opening through which life enters us. It exists between the limitations of form through our worldly experience and body (ascendant) and the universal, infinite Self (the Sun). The Moon is the part of us that tries to somehow bridge these two completely opposite planes of existence – the limited body and experiences and the universal Self. Our feelings keep us sensitive to what we are doing, trying to connect to things that take us closer to the Self, and bring about growth.

In the highest sense we feel the Moon as the innocent perceptive awareness in the moment. We are all trying to be open to everything – we want to receive everything, without fear or judgment. but it is hard. Life hurts us through the limitations of ego. We feel that hurt through the Moon. We remember other hurts and want to avoid future pain, so the ego builds protective structures (Saturn) and defends this fortress (Mars) and a separate identity forms around these habits – likes and dislikes – histories, etc. Feeling connected through our separate identity comes from the moon. Trying to dissolve it also comes from the Moon.

As for this eclipse,.. The Sun is being eclipsed by the South node in Cancer. The Sun shows innate confidence and power. Ketu is where we have experience that we trust, often blindly. It creates blind spots in us. Cancer is where we are trying to dissolve boundaries, and simply “trust our feelings” (and may act upon that) no matter what.

A need to dig deeply into “trusting your feelings” and “following your heart” is a large theme in this eclipse. We tend to rationalize things based on our feelings, no matter how nonsensical or impractical the thing may be. We often call that “intuition”, but much of the time it is not intuition, it is the emotions. Intuition is something deep and silent and not thought about or pondered. It is a deep knowing, without doubt or need for explanation. The emotions are generated based on our preferences, worries, fears and other things.

Look deeply into the nature of how you may base life decisions on how you feel at the exclusion of all other things, especially if there is the hope of connection to people you like, etc. – rather than doing what is actually best for you.

For example, in our career. If we base our career actions solely on how we may feel in the moment or about a person, etc. We will not get very far. feeling good about what we are doing is not the most important thing in life. Much of the time we are not going to feel good. But once we accept this we are actually able to feel good in most situations because the longing to be happy (rather than accept what is) dies down.

As was said, Cancer exists opposite Capricorn, the sign where we want to do what is best in the long term, regardless of how we feel about it in the moment. It is rational and calculating.

Does this resonate with you?

Everyone should try to meditate and connect to the deeper source this evening and really watch your thoughts and mind from 5-11 PM Pacific time. Put out your greatest wishes for your life and humanity. Eclipses are very powerful and not “bad”. They are times when the body (Earth), mind (Moon) and Soul (Sun) are aligned.

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