Kundalini, Astrology and Yoga

Indian astrology is absolutely amazing in showing this deeper spiritual awakening as the chart itself is a mandala of the Chakras. This is why – although many Indian astrologers use outer planets, traditional rulers will always be honored as they are Rulers of the Chakras.

For Example: The seat of the Kundalini is at the point where Capricorn and Aquarius meet in the root Chakra, Opposite that are the Signs Leo and Cancer – the Ajna (third eye) Chakra. This meeting point is the exaltation point of Mars, who also rules that Nakshtra (Star) – 23:20 Capricorn – 6:40 Aquarius – Mars is the son of the Earth, the fire in the earth. Exalted at the places of Saturn (form and Structure). The courage and power of Mars must overcome the fear of Saturn – thereby creating a structure for our higher development, not just our worldy development. All Vedic literature supports astrology and its connection to mysticism.

The Nodal axis is the activating point of the Kundalini – North Node the bottom (Root Chakra) and the South Node the top (Crown Chakra)

This is why the Nodes are related to the fascinating dance of the Goddess Maya (illusion of separateness) that has us enchanted here on Earth. The Kundalini awakening is the Goddess revealing the true nature of life,.. But that serpent can bite you too if the Goddess is stirred through impure means. One can have kundalini experiences through drugs and other impure methods or other forceful, accelerated and riskier Tantric practices (VamaMarga – The Left Handed Path) .

That is why consciousness and love (maturity) must accompany experience and things like Yoga (Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Jnana) are given as we develop.

Love is the best Yoga and will awaken the kundalini naturally. (Real Love, devotional love – not our typical ego-centric love)

There needs to be a balance between honoring the technical mastery of Indian Yoga (because these cowboy approaches are dangerous and fraught with confusion and illusion) and modernizing the practices in a way that all cultures can relate to.

Yoga and these other esoteric practices do not just belong to India, but the technical mastery and beauty exists there like no other.

In my (very experienced) opinion.

I have been doing Yoga and Tantra for more than 25 years, but I am an American.

The benefit and genius of Yoga, Tantra and Indian systems is it takes this out of the “religious experience” and reveals the Science behind it.

Yoga is spiritual Science. There is an unfortunate false choice between the two now, where people mistake religion (based on belief, not experience) with spirituality (based on experience rather than a specific belief).

Those who are more religious (more belief oriented) tend to be narrow-minded. Those more spiritual (more experience oriented) tend to be more open-minded.

The reason the Indian system is so beautiful is that it is still preserved from the time when all cultures possessed this occult wisdom. In other cultures the teachings are fragmented, but in India we can still trace the roots back to its holistic origins and uncorrupted truth.

So, a kundalini awakening is something that can be done through the scientific methods of Yoga (and similar shamanic practices from other cultures). It is a spiritual/mystical experience, but totally under the control of a person. This experience changes the paradigm immediately in a person. Once you touch a deeper level of Self in you that you had not touched before, you never forget, but you do fall back – again and again – then aspire to opening higher and higher Chakras.

The Chakras open sequentially – giving the understanding of each element and lesson they rule.

First the knot is closed, protecting you from the energy and wisdom you cannot handle, control and have not earned through purification. This is protecting you. That is the state of people before the kundalini awakens. If you awaken through impure means, you may go crazy. When people become psychotic through drug use, etc.. this is what has happened to their energetic body from the Yogic perspective. They were trying to get powers that can only be earned through sacrifice, discipline, love and devotion. You cannot rape the Goddess. You must charm the snake. If you try to grab it by the throat it will bite you hard.


** Brahma Granthi – The Knot of Brahma (Creator) – (Closed Kundalini Channel) **

Muladhara – Root – Earth – Saturn – Give knowledge of form (You realize that you are not the body when that chakra opens)
Swadisthana – Sex – Water – Jupiter – Gives knowledge of feeling (You realize that you are not the emotions when that chakra opens)
Manipura – Will – Fire – Mars – Give knowledge of Action and Power (You realize that you are not your Self-Will when that chakra opens)

** Vishnu Granthi – The Knot of Vishnu (Love) **

Anahata – Heart – Air – Venus – Gives knowledge of Love (You realize that you are not just Love when that Chakra opens)
Visuddha – Throat – Ether – Mercury – Give knowledge of Awareness (You realize that you are not just awareness when that chakra opens)
Ajna – Third Eye – No Element – Sun / Moon – Gives knowledge of Self (You realize that you are not Self when that chakra opens)

** Rudra Granth – The Knot of Siva (Creation) **

Sahasrara Chakra – All perceptions of an individual Self have merged with All (in the Ajna Chakra). You are eternally established in oneness – merged with it like heat is merged with fire.

One thing to realize. Everything that you see represented in (what Westerners incorrectly call) “Hindiusm” is to support this awakening. All of the Deities represent aspects of this awakening. Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga all refer to this truth (Called Santana Dharma – the eternal truth).

There are many meditations on Chakras and scientific ways to balance the wavering mind of duality. Many of them have to do with breath – right and left nostrils – Ida and Pingala Nadis. Once right and left is balanced, and the tossing of the mind controlled – the kundalini enters the central channel – and usually the first time it makes a hissing noise like a snake.

Scare Yo Ass Silly!

Seriously, entering this path is entering your own conscious death – the death of your ignorance and illusion around who you are. Most people never get anywhere close to actually opening the first Chakra.

The “Chakra opening” that is falsely talked about is not the same as the Chakra opening that happens when the Goddess Maya enters it through the kundalini.

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