Child pose is an option

Something we need to keep in mind.. We are not always meant to “push it”.

Child’s pose is always a viable option.

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Vedic Astrology Forecast – Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra Today – March 24, 2010

The Nakshatra Punurvasu is number 7. It falls between 20 Gemini – 3:20 Cancer. Punurvasu is ruled by Jupiter. It’s symbol is quiver or a bow and the Deity is Aditi-mother of the Gods that nourish the earth. The name “Punurvasu” means return of the light and good . It is related to Rajas – motivated to fulfill desires or reach personal goals . Punurvasu people are Vaishyas – the merchant class, mainly concerned with the pursuit of artha – wealth and worldy comfort.

The temperament of Punurvasu is Deva – angelic | loving and accomodating and its sex is Male. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Punurvasu allows for the ability to gain wealth or substance. Its heavenly basis emanantes for wind or air, which results in wetness or rain, through which there is the revitalization of plants.

Elementally, and through Ayurveda (the medical System of India), Punurvasu is related to Vatta – (air) motion. It’s nature is to be movable in a passive way. It is closely associated with creation – Brahma and will generally be found in dhatu – tissues. Punurvasu is facing North.


Vedic Vedic Astrology Forecast – Moon in Ardra march 23

Moon in Ardra today. Ruled by Rudra, the intense form of Lord Shiva. Rudra is the protector of righteousness and is ready to destroy weakness and adharma (ignorance). Be careful with what you destroy today. Animals may be important – protecting them.
Interesting this is the day health care reform was signed into law. Protecting animals (human animals).

In general Ardra has to do with protection and courageous and harsh actions when necessary.. Although the harsh and activated stuff would be more likely if a masculine planet is there.

Moon and Venus are often overwhelmed by the glimpse of sadness and suffering here.. or at least they have to be careful of that. Masculine planets will often get moving to destroy weakness and violation of dharma (as it is seen and felt).

Escapism and alcohol/ drugs or other indulgences are possible with this one.. For women it might be sensual indulgences at times, when Moon or Venus are there…

Rahu Nakshatras have that quality.


Free Vedic Astrology Horoscope – Exalted Moon over the Weekend

The Moon will be exalted in taurus this weekend. The Moon is exalted in Taurus because the unpredictable and restless emotional mind settles in the fixed earth of Taurus. The moon likes the comfort of this sign as well.

Good feelings and friends may be served up this weekend in large portions. But be careful not to get too carried away with the dessert!


Saturn and the Moon

Saturn and the Moon

Lord Siva lives on the icy mountain top, warmed by the inner fire of truth (Tejas Shakti). In the fullness of his solitude. No longing for connection and the objective world. We must get there too…. See More

Saturn does not bring suffering, he brings truth – the truth of how well we actually know ourSelf – and we can only know ourSelf in solitude.

So he is cold, slowing things down and pulling them inward. Like a blanket of snow he envelops us, removing the joy we usually find in the world of distinctions and preferences. We see the similarities in both darkness and the blinding whiteness of being snowblind. Both are isolating, separating, liberating, unifying, terrifying and the truest measure of how comfortable we really are with ourselves and how many illusions and attachments still must be smashed.

We feel endings, limits, mistakes, fears. But is that all? Is that where it ends? Every new beginning came after an ending. Every birth came after a death. But limitation is our game – our projection.

Nothing real ever dies.

Because we are living in the unreal we fear the death of the unreal. So, GET REAL! – rather than sulk over piles of excrement decaying before your eyes.

Eventually, we must grow up. Lord Shani will see to it that we do. Every month we get to reckon with him,… and so it is this month.

Follow this truth internally and add some external warmth, to give a good contrast.

“Love is God’s revealed form”






Retrograde Saturn in Virgo

The broadcast begins at the 3 minute mark. It is 60 minutes in length.

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A retrograde planet appears to be moving backward relative to the Earth at any given time. This retrograde motion shows a tendency of the planet to “back up” in our mind and consciousness.

Saturn is retrograde almost half of the time, so his current retrograde motion is nothing new or even unusual.

Saturn has to do with the nature of our commitments and plans. We are usually half committed to our current plans and half reevaluating new ones. This comes from Saturn.

He is currently in Virgo and will be retrograde until May 30, 2010. Between now and then it is better *NOT* to try or implement NEW plans or strategies, but rather to deepen our commitment to the things that have been working.

Perfecting Not Prospecting.

In Virgo, Saturn’s detail oriented nature is perfect for this implementation. After dismantling the flawed power structures in Leo (November 2006-September 2009) Saturn is now poised to build a life of meaning from the shards of the old, worn out paradigm.

The tendency might be to feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and to worry about it. This is the nature of Saturn, creating pressure so you take it seriously.

He is a Tamasic planet in a Tamasic sign, showing a need for protection. The power of Tamasic energies come forth when we are connected to the body in real time, not in the accompanying thoughts or ideas.

When Tamasic energies go into the head, they create fear (Saturn), anger (Mars) and confusion (Nodes).

But you are never overwhelmed in the moment.

Here are a few keywords for Saturn retrograde in Virgo.

One detail at a time.
One breath at a time.






Solar Eclipse

After 14 minutes the audio becomes garbled..

Listen to Video #2 After That.

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Number 2

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Venus Combust – Disrespect

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Venus is the planet that brings a sense of happiness and respect. How much we have, how much we give, the types of things we respect and appreciate all come from Venus.

This respect gets activated in relationships, as we are tested mightily in them – to yield our wishes to another and respect their views as equal to our own – not just in romantic relationships, but in all friendships as well.

Venus teaches us the fast track to happiness is often through compromise. As a rajasic planet, Venus is connected to the energy of the moment, responsive and responding. Often, the easiest thing we can do right now to be happy is give in to the wishes of another. It is the fast track to happiness in all ways -  including sensual. That is why food and other sensual pleasures are so compelling. They are immediately gratifying to the body (Tamasic).

But at what cost? Are we sliding on our principles when we give in and conditioning others to think we don’t mind certain things, when in fact we do. Often in relationships this problem occurs. We compromise too much in the beginning because we  want to feel the beauty of connection and we try to accommodate and be stretched.

Then later, as the newness and “charge” wears off, we stop accommodating and the other person finds out how we really feel about things. Or, we are on the other end of that process. Relationships are ofter a mutually delusional experience on some level. Both people share the desire to connect, but beyond that not much else is certain.

Understanding the “no-compromize zone” is a challenge. And it takes effort, because Venus is the part of you that wants to enjoy the moment, so it is easy to put it off and say  “well, we can work on this thing later and just enjoy what we share together now”. But those things that bother us in the beginning are always the things that come back later to be the deal-breakers.

We are usually more driven to connect when there is attraction, overlooking the problems. A powerful Venus does not go too far one way or the other. It sees the way to honor another’s wishes, without necessarily having to live them or take them on. It is not disproportionately driven by the desire for connection – at the expense of the desire for truth and respect.

That word respect again.

Venus in the Sky Now

Venus is severely combust now in the sky, very close to the Sun. It is further from the earth than at any other time. It is also joined Rahu and retrograde Mercury, in Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter – a sign that exaggerates and makes things larger (not a good trait for the balancing act Venus is trying to walk).

There may be a tendency to feel disrespected now, have a deep sensitivity to it – then make it a very big deal out of it (escalating the situation) and become very moral and preachy about it (Sagittarius influence). Especially when considering the influence of Rahu (confusion) and retrograde Mercury (messing up details and communication problems), you want to be alert to this potential.

The internal feeling of disrespect from combust Venus often brings a disrespectful response from us, which then perpetuates the cycle. This is the growth process of combustion.

So, if you feel yourself feeling disrespected and angry at someone because of something like this, just wait and slow down. Especially if you start to feel that sense of “should and shouldn’t” come into your mind.

Those ruled by Venus (Libra and Taurus) or with Moon there,. etc.. may especially see these issues now – as Venus  takes on more importance in their life.

Venus will be combust well into February 2010


Weekly Forecast – Mars and Mercury Retrograde

Weekly Forecast For December 28.

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Mars and Mercury Retrograde

In general, Mars and Mercury are retrograde – bringing some confusion around communication and courage. Mars retrograde has the effect of reversing the debilitation – which may may us less likely to act out willfully. We are more likely to reflect upon things before acting now. But it may make us emotional volatile.

Mercury retrograde shows a backwards type of thinking and approach to communication. Lacking confidence in our words or not being able to articulate properly.  The Mercury retrograde is also joined Rahu, in Sagittarius, in general, there is a lot of distortions and exaggerations.






Happy Holidays 2009

I want to thank each and every one of you for being on my list and adding to my life.

May 2010 be the best year ever for you.

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