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Sam's Astrology Reading/Recordings




60 Minute Life Reading - $197.00 USD
(Allow 10 Business Days For Delivery of Your Reading.
It will likely be done much quicker - more like 5 days. 
No need for reminder emails and pestering me! 

Details about the 60 Minute Readings Below

(I never do those readings anyway)

IMPORTANT: I don't read other's chart behind their back.
So do not ask me to tell you things about another person, 
regardless of how you may just want to help them, etc. 

I will discuss other people as they relate to you 
(partner, etc.), but no asking about another's person's 
health, inner life, when will they marry, etc. If that is 
your concern, buy them a reading or ask them if they want it.

Many have requested readings. It is hard to schedule appointments now, but I can give a 60 minute focused recording on the most important issues in your life.

Send me the details you want me to discuss and I will address them. In addition to what I have outlined below.

I will do a recording that gives an overall assessment of:

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Spiritual Assessment and suggestions for helpful practices

Additional Details:

  • Email me whatever issues you are having and I will address that. 

  • Email follow up for you to clarify.

  • Allow 10 business days for the reading. It will likely be done much faster, more like 5 days.

Focused Assessment Readings
30 Minutes - 97.00

Bust Through Deeply Embedded Habits
 and Emerge Stronger 

Vedic Relationship Assessment 
30 minute recording

Current Weather Assessment
30 minute recording

I Will Assess:
* Venus  (Desires and Happiness)
* The Moon (Peace of Mind)
* 7th House and Ruler  (relationship tendencies)
* D-9 Harmonic(Special relationship Chart Luck)
* Nakshatra Connections ( Stellar Life)
* Current Timing Factors (Transits,Cycles)


In the CURRENT TRANSIT Reading, I Will Assess:

Your Natal Mars and Leo - YOUR COURAGE AND FOCUS - How will this unprecedented 8 month transit of Mars through Leo will affect you (House, Conjunctions, Aspects, Natal Mars)

Your Natal Saturn and Libra -DETERMINATION AND RELATIONSHIPS - How will this exalted Saturn transit of Saturn through Libra will affect you (House, Conjunctions, Aspects, Natal Mars)
Scorpio/Taurus and The Nodes - 

OBSESSIONS / AVERSIONS (The Karmic Axis for the rest of this transit)

Jupiter and Aries - INSPIRATION AND HOPE - and hope driving you now - any planets in Aries being influenced.



Moon / Psychology Assessment 
30 minute recording

Deity / Nakshatra Assessment 
30 minute recording

I This Reading I Will Assess:

Moon Nakshatra: Determines your cosmic, intellectual tendencies – as well as your natural “psychological deity”.
Moon Sign: Determines your emotional temperament.
Moon House: Determines what “worldly things” occupy your mind.
Moon Yogas / Angles from Moon: Shows attractions, aversions, imbalances and psychological supports.


~ How your negative emotional tendencies are undermining your goals (don't worry we all do this). 
~ How to accentuate the positive, rather than overlook it.
~ Your Moon Deity and the stories and myths that will connect you to a deeper mysticism and sense of peace.
~ Spirituality beyond just being "another way to feel good".
~ The worldly things you are seeking in order to feel settled and how to grow in contentment for what you have.

I Will Assess:
I will conduct a 30 minute assessment of the crucial Nakshatra Deities that are guiding your life:

Moon Deity - Rules Your Emotional Mind, Psychological Temperament and What You Seek to Feel Peaceful.

Sun Deity - Rules Your Deep Drive For Spiritual Liberation and What Illuminates and Activates Your Soul. 

Ascendant Deity - Rules Your Individual Path and the Actions That Feel Most natural, Effecient and Powerful. Your Core Identity in This Lifetime

Ruling Planet Deity - The Special "Ace in the Whole" Skills and Natural Ninja Toolset You Possess and Are Never Without.