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This is a short introductory class I taught on "Moon Yogas"
at The Blast Astrology Conference.
(15 minutes)
(Thanks to Kelly Lee Phipps for the Video)


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Here is the accompanying handout from the class

Moon Yogas

Assessing the Capacity to Feel, Receive and Integrate


In Vedic astrology and Vedic culture the Moon is the planet that rules the “Manas” the mind. Whereas the Sun is the universal self, connected to all selves; the Moon is our individual perception of that universal self. In yoga this individual self is called “ the jiva”.
Once we take form, with a body, we cannot access our universal Self directly. We must find God in our perceptive mind first. We cannot look directly at the Sun without burning out our eyes. We must look to the Moon, First we must see our individual reflection truthfully. The Moon is that reflection. It is how we feel about ourselves, and consequently, how we feel about others. It refers to our childhood; and the part of us that is most impressionable and innocent. In many ways it is who we really think we are. As such, the Moon shows our psychological unfolding. Influences to the Moon are probably the most important qualities affecting a person’s outlook.

Vedic astrology has many useful ways to assess the disposition of the Moon. These techniques can

be applied to any chart because they are related primarily to the planets in absolute space. These clear and powerful techniques transcend zodiac differences and other technical or cultural barriers.


- Planets that rise before the Moon (12th sign from the Moon) condition our consciousness toward feeling and receptivity. Their innate qualities prepare our mind and heart to receive what life has to offer
KEY: before we receive

- Planets that rise after the Moon (2nd sign from the Moon) allow us to integrate our feelings and emotional experiences. Their innate qualities allow feelings to be integrated into our heart.
KEY: after we receive

- Planets joined the Moon will be inextricably linked to our feelings, receptive mind and the psychological process. Their innate qualities are noticeable as we experience our feelings in real time.
KEY: while receiving

NOTE: When considering these yogas, omit the Sun, Moon and the nodes from this process. Consider Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. (Also the outer planets if you wish, although I generally do not)

Mars – Shows courage and logic to be influencing. Yet one must watch the potential for argument and hostility.
Mercury – Shows flexibility and skill with details and communication to be influencing. Yet a personmust be careful with excessive stimulation or focus on minutia.
Jupiter – Shows optimism, luck, generosity, and an expansive vision to be influencing. Yet a person must be careful with over optimism or trying to rise above unpleasantness.
Venus – Shows creativity, charm, manners, cooperation to be influencing. Yet one must watch for excessive sensuality, materialism or vanity.
Saturn - Shows seriousness, realism, hard work, determination to be influencing. Yet one must watch for depression, rigidity, over-seriousness and excessive control.


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