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sam geppi astrologer

In many ways Yoga is the culmination of all the Vedic sciences. It is yogic discipline that we must apply to Indian astrology, Ayurveda and the other teachings. It is easy to consider and mistake yoga to just be physical postures and exercises. Actually, yoga has a lot more to do with things such as breathing and mind control.

It is well known in yoga that if you control the breath, you control the mind. If you control the mind, then you control the body. If you're in control of the body, mind and breath, then you are in control of your life and the life force itself, called prana. But yoga also uses other practices such as mantras, devotional practices and the path of service, to bring each person in harmony with their deeper nature.

In many ways, astrology is meaningless without yoga. Without some form of discipline to ground our information in real experiences that change our life, astrology can just be something that contributes to our delusions - the delusion that we can "fix things".

Instead, the integration of Indian astrology with yoga and the other Vedic sciences or would really help a person coming to balance with their deeper nature.

Sam Geppi practices astrology in San Francisco, California. he is a certified yoga teacher and Hindu astrology teacher and counselor



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