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I am Sam Geppi. I am a Vedic Astrologer, writer and teacher. I have recently developed the "Universal Astrology" System. It approaches astrology from a holistic perspective. The Divine universe itself is more important in  "Universal Astrology" than the man made systems used to try to explain it.

In Universal Astrology, the universe is seen as the divine matrix that creates all life, rather than heavy, dark forces we must overcome through our "freewill" and effort. The loving, divine universe is there to support you not limit or oppress you.

I have close to 25 years of Vedic Study and experience. He is a Certified Vedic Astrologer and Teacher through the American College of Vedic Astrology (level 2) as well as author of "The Ascendant – 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology". He also has contributed to various Astrology publications.

I was one of a few selected to teach a three hour intensive at the ACVA certification conference in Phoenix, Arizona - September 2007 - on the subject of his book “The Ascendant”. I was selected to present a 3 hour master class for the ACVA certification conference in September 2008 on “The Nakshatras and Myths of Vedic Astrology”.

I recently began a Vedic Astrology Certification Program and most recently have undertaken an Ayurveda / Astrology Course - teaching Vedic Astrology to Ayurveda practitioners.

I am recognized as an EXPERT AUTHOR at the premier Internet Article Site, "EZine Articles".

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