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Get Get Shatabishak-Nakshatra information here as well as information about jyotish, vedic astrology, free daily horoscopes. Shatabishak-Nakshatra is very important in horoscope compatability and zodiac love matches. information here.

The Nakshatra Shatabishak is number 24. It falls between 6:40 - 20 Aquarius . Shatabishak is ruled by Rahu. It's symbol is circle - flower and the Deity is Varuna - god of Cosmic Waters as the heavenly rain. The name "Shatabishak" means 100 medicines or doctors. It is related to Sattva - motivated to do good things or seek truth. Shatabishak people are butcher, mainly concerned with the pursuit of dharma - right action and duty.

The temperament of Shatabishak is Rakshasa - demon | eccentric and individualistic and its sex is Neuter. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Shatabishak allows for healing. Its heavenly basis emanantes for pervasion over all, which results in support of all, through which the world is freed of calamity.

Elementally, and through Ayurveda (the medical System of India), Shatabishak is related to Kapha - (water) stability. It's nature is to be movable in a passive way. It is closely associated with creation - Brahma and will generally be found in dhatu - tissues. Shatabishak is facing North.