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Get Get Krittika-Nakshatra information here as well as information about jyotish, vedic astrology, free daily horoscopes. Krittika-Nakshatra is very important in horoscope compatability and zodiac love matches. information here.

The Nakshatra Krittika is number 3. It falls between 26:40 Aries - 10 Taurus. Krittika is ruled by Sun. It's symbol is dagger/razor and the Deity is Agni - Fire deified - the power of clarity and illumination. The name "Krittika" means razor/cutter. It is related to Sattva - motivated to do good things or seek truth. Krittika people are Brahmins - the teacher class, mainly concerned with the pursuit of kama - fulfill desires.

The temperament of Krittika is Rakshasa - demon | eccentric and individualistic and its sex is Female. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Krittika allows for burning. Its heavenly basis emanantes for heat, which results in light, through which there is burning or purification .

Elementally, and through Ayurveda (the medical System of India), Krittika is related to Kapha - (water) stability. It's nature is to be soft and dreadful in a active way. It is closely associated with dissolution - Shiva and will generally be found in jeeva - living beings. Krittika is facing North.