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Aslesha-Nakshatra information here as well as information about jyotish, vedic astrology, free daily horoscopes. Aslesha-Nakshatra is very important in horoscope compatability and zodiac love matches. 

The Nakshatra Aslesha is number 9. It falls between 16:40 - 30:00 Cancer. Aslesha is ruled by Mercury. It's symbol is wheel - serpent and the Deity is Sarpa-serpent- the king of the entwiners and hypnotizers. The name "Aslesha" means entwiner - embracer. It is related to Sattva - motivated to do good things or seek truth. Aslesha people are Mlecchas - barbarians, mainly concerned with the pursuit of dharma - right action and duty.

The temperament of Aslesha is Rakshasa - demon | eccentric and individualistic and its sex is Female. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Aslesha allows for inflicting with poison. Its heavenly basis emanantes for approach of the serpent, which results in trembling and agitation, through which there is destruction of the victim.

Elementally, and through Ayurveda (the medical System of India), Aslesha is related to Kapha - (water) stability. It's nature is to be sharp and dreadful in a active way. It is closely associated with dissolution - Shiva and will generally be found in jeeva - living beings. Aslesha is facing South.