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Montgomery Astrologer

Montgomery Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

However, besides providing us with a breathtaking light show, Planetary and Stellar movements also have an effect on us.

Similarly, without the ego and the limitations of the body / mind phenomena there would be no division of the true self into the component qualities of the smaller self.

As the Moon reflects the Sun’s divine light, illuminating the mind and it’s perceptions, and as indicating growth and divine love, as the Sun’s consort, she is ruled by Parvati. 

Jupiter is where we find grace and wisdom in life. He establishes our highest ethics and goals. He is a first rate benefic Planet. Montgomery Astrologer

  The truth that this physical world is transient and temporary. This physical body will die. To most of us that means that “WE will die.” 


Montgomery Astrologer

The lines and mounts of palmistry are planetary - the cards in a tarot deck mirror planets in signs and other Astrological archetypes and numerology is also based on unique planetary energetics.

Why we are here in this lifetime, what we are here to learn, what we have recently learned, what will be our biggest challenges to learning it, can all be seen through the chart. The mind wants answers. Astrology not only provides these answers, it also provides solutions.

The Moon generally does no harm, but it is the most easiest to harm and its wounds are the deepest as it is where we are the most easily hurt. Essentially the Moon represents our mind (consciousness) and feeling potential. Our capacity and desire for peace and receptivity. 


  He is  presided over by the absolute aspect of God. In this way he is the most spiritual entity in the whole chart. He takes away many things from us, but they are the things we do not need anymore.