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Modesto Astrologer

Modesto Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

Like a nightmare wakes us from sleep, our life struggles are
wake up calls that force us to look for deeper meaning.

Similarly, without the ego and the limitations of the body / mind phenomena there would be no division of the true self into the component qualities of the smaller self.

Keywords: Atman, (individual soul) the ego, king, father, government, politician, charisma, dominance, vitality, confidence, accomplishment, self-centered Archetype: Bill Clinton

Jupiter is also not a rebel by any means. His high aims and ethics can be too orthodox at times and actually be a barrier to the inquiry necessary for any meaningful spiritual growth. Modesto Astrologer

  Rahu gives extremes, worldly success and accumulation, and attachment. His obsessive and driven nature can be a very spiritual force once we understand it. Rahu represents our longing and our desire. If we desire spiritual liberation, Rahu can lead us straight to it.  Rahu is A female planet. 


Modesto Astrologer

Little wonder that when an Astrologer starts to speak about Astrological “Science,” most scratch their heads in disbelief.

Suffering in love feels like a loss of Self because we are this love to our very core. We feel it, but we cannot express it through our limited bodies and perceptions.

That is to “enlighten” all things internal and external with the ONE light of universal truth.  The lower Sun is an overly egotistical personality. It can display a selfish, tyrannical disposition, a lack of confidence and vitality as well as a lack of direction and healthy use of power. 

We can seek it outwardly in the form of pleasure, or inwardly as joy. We can seek it is transient things and lose it, or in the eternal and truly find it. 

Wherever he is and whatever planets he aspects will give little fulfillment, because Ketu is motivated by absolute perfection. He is trying to perfect things so that he may be free of them and ultimately free of the world. Whereas Rahu indicates those traits we must develop in this life time, Ketu indicates the ones we have just recently developed.