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Milwaukee Astrologer

Milwaukee Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

Given that we are not directly immersed in nature everyday, it is easy to forget that we are residing on a large round globe that makes one revolution per day and moves around a larger globe at the center of a larger system of planets.

We suffer in love because we fall short of this fullness and are not able to express this truth and beauty. Jealousy, envy and over-sensuality are by products of Venus filtered through our limited ego.

It is Mars who gives us the independence necessary to go it alone and fight for our principles, to fight for our truth. Mars shows the alliances we make to accomplish our tasks, those we have on our team and those we “go to war with” as opposed to “go to war against.” 

Jupiter is where we find grace and wisdom in life. He establishes our highest ethics and goals. He is a first rate benefic Planet. Milwaukee Astrologer

Saturn causes the fear that can make us feel  disconnected from our own feelings or wanting to manipulate and control others. But the higher Saturn is a Monk in meditation, focused and steady. 


Milwaukee Astrologer

But we need not look far into the heavens for inspiration, as some of the most beautiful sky objects are the closest to home.

Enlightenment is when someone has fully reintegrated all seven rays into their being, fully understanding the forces behind them. (The psychological and elemental qualities of the planets are referred to in the section on the Chakras, as Chakras are simply the planetary forces in our Astral/mental body) But since we are not yet complete, we express their energies through our limitation.

  The Moon rules Monday and is a Female planet. Occupations: Teacher, work with children or women, therapist counselor, Public relations, actor, doctor, food or hospitality

Stated simply, Mercury can be the most immature of all the Planets. But he is more of a naïve fool, not a thug. When acted upon by Sattvic planets like Jupiter and Venus he becomes a major benefic, helping them manifest their goals and reach their highest truth. 

Saturn - (Shani) Rules CAPRICORN (feminine) and AQUARIUS (masculine) - A Tamasic Planet - Brahma, the creator and the originator of our illusion of separateness rules Saturn through the nervous system.