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Miami Astrologer

Miami Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

Through Astrology we gain insight into our deep-seated mental patterns and the karmas they cause. These patterns (samsaras) show the lessons our soul is trying to learn.

Essentially, the Astrological chart is a portrait of the pattern of our karma. Astrology shows the history of our soul: its progress so far.

The Moon - (Chandra) Rules CANCER - A Sattvic Planet - The Moon is the main indicator of Kapha dosha in the chart. 

Jupiter is also not a rebel by any means. His high aims and ethics can be too orthodox at times and actually be a barrier to the inquiry necessary for any meaningful spiritual growth. Miami Astrologer

  Rahu does this so that we will learn the lessons that he forces us to learn. He shows the karmic patterns in which we are stuck. But Rahu is also a very powerful creative force. Many artists and unusual people have a powerful Rahu. A strong Rahu can make a person a king. 


Miami Astrologer

Many Astrologers also read tarot and palms and understand numerology.

The seven rays of light indicate the planets and their forces. All seven colors fully shone and integrated comprise the original, single ray of light. Yet we struggle with even the individual rays in their full expression.

It is not his fault that we are not only ignorant, but unaware of our ignorance and threatened by others power. He is doing his job, to make us tough, but we are fighting to defend the wrong things, the transient things in the world or our own opinions about them. 

These are also the domain of Venus. Venus is a female planet. Occupation: The Arts, sensual or sexual businesses, beauty, female things, law / justice, food and hospitality, counselor

  We must direct Saturn’s energy inward toward the divine so as to perfect ourselves, rather that externally, rigidly seeking control over others, outer circumstances, or our own feelings. Saturn rules Saturday and is a neuter planet.