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Metairie Astrologer

Metairie Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

It makes sense. What else is there but the physical Universe? Astrology is the Science of our place in the universe.

From an Astrological perspective, spiritual growth is learning how to express the full energy of all of the planets. It is learning to allow the rays of each planet to shine fully through us.

  The Moon rules Monday and is a Female planet. Occupations: Teacher, work with children or women, therapist counselor, Public relations, actor, doctor, food or hospitality

As a rajasic planet Mercury also has the tendency to seek over stimulation through the senses and be unfocused. Metairie Astrologer

Saturn - (Shani) Rules CAPRICORN (feminine) and AQUARIUS (masculine) - A Tamasic Planet - Brahma, the creator and the originator of our illusion of separateness rules Saturn through the nervous system. 


Metairie Astrologer

Yet each of the aforementioned systems is based on Astrology.

We incarnate when the planets arrange in accordance to our karmic lessons.

The Moon is a benefic planet helping all it contacts grow and ripen. 

  We all awaken in the morning with the intention of doing good, rather than doing harm. I’m sure even Hitler thought he was doing good. That basic desire to do the right thing comes from Jupiter. 

  Rahu (North Node) and Ketu are the eclipse points, where the earths orbit around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersect. They create shadows and obscure all they come in contact with. They actually are one entity (a serpent) that has been cut in half. The head is Rahu and the tail is Ketu.