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  May 2012 Forecast
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May 2012 Forecast

May 2012 - From Personal Strength to Personal Contentment 

The month begins with high hope, enthusiasm and passion as Jupiter aspects Moon / Mars conjunction in Leo on May 1. Now that Mars is moving forward again (he was retrograde for the last few months) there is more courage and clarity and less frustration with accomplishing our goals. Jupiter's influence brings grace and wisdom into the process.

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Moon/Saturn conjunction in Libra on May 4 and 5 is good for deepening solitude and being realistic. But firstMay 2012 forecast we must forgive others and let go of our victim mentality. If we can do this, the May 6 and 7 Moon / Rahu conjunction in Scorpio could offer a lot of transformational healing, especially through devotional practices. But if we remain stuck in childish notions, and avoid introspection, we may descend into loneliness and depression by the end of these four days.

Harmonizing our individuality with others will be featured on the Full Moon in Libra on May 5. This full Moon is to harmonize the current Aries Sun cycle, which began April 21. The current Aries cycle teaches us to follow our personal strength and inspiration o live in full power. But here on Earth that personal power is always being harmonized and measured in relationship to others.

The need to be less adversarial and more cooperative is the theme of this full moon. In order to manifest our personal goals we need the help and support of others. This full Moon is in the Nakshatra of Vishaka, ruled by the gods Indra and Agni - Lightning and Fire. Seeking consensus on higher principles and ideals is the key to success.

Spiritual study and seeking a deeper purpose will be supported as Jupiter aspects the Moon in Sagittarius on May 9-10. This is an inspiring time, and may show a renaissance of faith in your teachers and their teachings. 

You may feel in competition with others now as Mars in Leo is opposite Moon in Aquarius on May 13 and 14. This has been a recurring theme the last several months, since Mars has been in Leo. Turning adversaries into allies, aligned toward a higher purpose has been a major theme in your life since November, when Mars entered Leo. Avoid personal battles of will, and connect with more universal, shared themes.

Relationships will get interesting as Venus turns retrograde in Taurus on May 16. We will be  reflecting on the nature of our interpersonal connections until June 28, when Venus goes direct again. There could be some stress and grief on both ends of the “respect” spectrum, both what you give and what you receive. This Venus retrograde cycle presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen not only your romantic connection but your connections with all others.
A new cycle of hope and purpose begins as Jupiter enters Taurus on May 17. This transit last for approximately one year and shows a time where our sense of growth and purpose seeks expression in tangible, material ways. This can literally mean a focus on wealth and moneymaking. But also it can show a deeper connection to the earth, ecological issues, and family expansion. However, Jupiter in Taurus is also notorious for  greediness and a “hoarding” mentality.

A shift from personal strength (Aries) to inculcating values and a deeper sharing (Taurus) begins with the New Moon/Solar eclipse in Taurus on May 20. Taurus shows a focus on gathering and enjoying life’s bounty and sharing what we have with others. Peace and contentment with others and ourselves will be the focus of the next 30 days.  This new Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Krittikka, where the Moon is exalted and very strong. The deity is Agni, the one who digests our food and all of our sensory impressions. The food we eat, through all of the senses, is a direct expression of what we value the most. Food, like all life experiences, must be digested. Taurus is where we tend to get stuck in the patterns of the past that keep us safe and content in the moment. Inherited values and familiar approval patterns can be a support or a crutch.

There will a strong emphasis on the above-mentioned Taurus themes,  resources, values, contentment with what we have, fending off greediness and a hoarding mentality, between May 22 and May 31 as five planets occupy Taurus during that time. Are you stuck in worn-out paradigms and values that are no longer working? Do you crave what is familiar more than what is true?