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In planetary conjunctions it is important to see how the planets affect each other as all things are not created equal. Planets have a friendship and enmity with each other based on many things. Vedic astrology is especially good at pointing out these things with very precise ways to measure the natural relationship planets have with each other.

Mars and Saturn are no different. In fact I find it to be one of the most interesting relationships in all of Astrology.

Mars is exalted in Saturn’s sign and Saturn is debilitated in Mars’s sign. The impulsive nature of Mars disrupts the careful planning of Saturn, the planet of time unfolding and the care necessary to build a structure. Saturn builds, Mars destroys (stated simply). The determined nature of Saturn - to be dedicated and to persevere exalt Mars however. The problem of Mars is one of impulse and not considering consequences. A lifetime of trust and hard work (saturn) can be undone by one impulsive, rash moment of anger (Mars). Yet our courageous, vital efforts (Mars) oriented toward a long term goal that we have carefully considered and tested its value, worth and utility (Saturn / Capricorn) is the stuff that makes for greateness in any area of life.

A friendly Mars association with others will show someone who we tend to go to battle with - our allies and siblings - those on our side. A difficult Mars association will shows those on the other side - our enemies and adversaries.

Notice this week how the top advisors (Mars) of both political campaigns (McCain AND obama) both spoke harshly and recklessly (Mars) threatening to undermine the long-term goals (saturn) they were representing at the time. Jesse jackson and his "cut his nuts off" remark (a very Mars comment if ever there was one) surely must have stung Obama - adding fodder to Obama’s detractors that he is not "Black enough" or playing a race card (or something like that - ironic given we have never had a serious black candidate). Dinosaur former lawman Phil Gramm (a top advisor to McCain) in a rambling interview talked about how our recession is a "mental recession" and the US citizenry are "a bunch of whiners" - Incredibly enough with $4.00 Gas prices, Mortgage crisis, Foreclosures. A "Mental Crisis".

I got the impression that both candidates had to be thinking to themselves "with friends like this,..." Their trust and long-term loyaly (saturn) had to be shelved as they had to condemn those remarks (Mars) - having ot speak harshly of those they trusted..

Even given the laughable contrast in these campaigns - liberals, youth and black people on one side and the oldest, whitest, most conservative men on the other side - Mars harmed Saturn. The punky kid just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, especially given that Mars is now in Sidereal Leo after close to 9 months of weakness. He has to express himself.

To take it even a little further it coiuld easily be argued that these planets in the sign of Leo - the sign of government indicated that. But that is a zodiac issue. Besides that,... Let’s see - castration could be related to Mars in Virgo and "whining, mental recession" could also be related to Virgo -- so we’ll leave it at that!

best wishes,