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Macon Astrologer

Macon Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

Given that our bodies are 75% water, it stands to reason that we would also be affected by a force powerful enough to affect Oceanic tides on Earth.


It is not his fault that we are not only ignorant, but unaware of our ignorance and threatened by others power. He is doing his job, to make us tough, but we are fighting to defend the wrong things, the transient things in the world or our own opinions about them. 

He indicates how we organize and handle information. In his lower form he organizes sensory data. In his highest form he is able to discern truth from falsity, what is real and what is illusion. An important thing to remember about Mercury is that he is very impressionable, the most skilled and mutable of all planets. Macon Astrologer

Wisdom is knowledge we already have. Past lessons we have already learned, the things no one ever had to teach us. We learn those lessons because of the pain and suffering experienced through Saturn. 


Macon Astrologer

Actually, our bodies are approximately 75% water, just like the Earth.


The Sun is considered a slightly malefic influence in the birth chart as it burns things up and shows where we can over exert our ego. 

Venus Mantra - Om hrim maha Lakshmayai Namah (Lakshmi) Archetype: Elizabeth Taylor Keywords: Desire, pleasure, the arts, love, sex, feminine energy and female things, women in general, devotion, vanity.

Wherever he is and whatever planets he aspects will give little fulfillment, because Ketu is motivated by absolute perfection. He is trying to perfect things so that he may be free of them and ultimately free of the world. Whereas Rahu indicates those traits we must develop in this life time, Ketu indicates the ones we have just recently developed.