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Los Angeles Astrologer

Los Angeles Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

It is hard for many to accept that Astrology evolved into a profound Science that not only includes mundane issues like seasons and earthly cycles, but also one that encompasses a deep understanding of the energetic behind all of creation.

The seven rays of light indicate the planets and their forces. All seven colors fully shone and integrated comprise the original, single ray of light. Yet we struggle with even the individual rays in their full expression.

Keywords: Action, opinionated nature, logic, anger, competition, athletics, militaristic, structure, order, brothers

  Jupiter is the divine teacher guiding us to higher knowledge and wisdom.  Los Angeles Astrologer

Saturn causes the fear that can make us feel  disconnected from our own feelings or wanting to manipulate and control others. But the higher Saturn is a Monk in meditation, focused and steady. 


Los Angeles Astrologer

Through Astrology we gain insight into our deep-seated mental patterns and the karmas they cause. These patterns (samsaras) show the lessons our soul is trying to learn.

Through Astrology we see which of our energies are stronger and weaker, as shown by the Planets. The chart below shows the highest lesson and the lowest expression of each of the 7 main Planets in Vedic Astrology as well as the North and South Nodes.

A person with a strong Sun will not need to dominate others as a way to express its strength. A strong Sun will have the confidence to empower others, realizing that we are all one consciousness. The Sun is the only light in the chart. The other planets merely reflect the Sun’s Light. 

Mercury - (Budha) rules GEMINI (masculine) and VIRGO (feminine) - A Rajasic Planet - Mercury is ruled by Lord Vishnu - Lord Vishnu imbues Mercury with the power of discrimination, reason, intellectual compassion and the skills necessary to transform ideas into worldly manifestation. 

Life is change and Saturn doesn’t like it. Saturn creates fear, stress, anxiety, worry, bitterness, coldness, callousness and grief.