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Long Beach Astrologer

Long Beach Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

Although much about Ayurveda can be discerned from the birth chart, Astrology is mostly concerned with the Astral or mental universe.

As a Vedic Science, Astrology uses remedial measures, such as gemstones and mantras, to aid us in increasing our consciousness and understanding of our problems and ultimately ourselves.

Mantra - Om Kum Kujayai Namah

We can seek it outwardly in the form of pleasure, or inwardly as joy. We can seek it is transient things and lose it, or in the eternal and truly find it. Long Beach Astrologer

  We will tend to neglect the things associated with Ketu, yet fall back on them like a crutch and be critical of them. Ketu can prevent positive growth in life in this way. 


Long Beach Astrologer

The first thing human beings learned was to pay attention to the heavens.

The prism separates the colors from each other and from their  source. In reality their rays are one with each other and with the source itself.

Mantra - Om Kum Kujayai Namah

A default acceptance of the family’s orthodox view can inhibit the spiritual journey. We must align our sense of duty and virtue, with divine purposes to elevate the soul’s expression and those around them, and not to just doing good things to gain the approval of others. 

It is never possible to feel complete. And this hurts us deeply. This hurt can only be worked out by each individual in solitude. Saturn gives us this solitude. At first by making us withdraw in fear or bitterness or depression, then later by giving us the determination to find answers and heal the wound in our hearts.