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Indian astrology, also known as Vedic astrology, is enjoying quite a renaissance in this modern world.

Due to its very scientific approach, Indian astrology offers real solutions to life's problems. But not only that, Indian astrology is also deeply rooted in other Indian traditions such as yoga, Aturveda and other spiritual disciplines.

In addition to that, Indian astrology utilizes an entire scheme of remedies that are deeply connected to every holistic healing tradition. Things such as gemstones, mantras (sacred sounds) as well as aromatherapy, dietary and herbal therapy or are all alligned toward helping clients attain wellness and wholeness. These ancient healing remedies give indian astrologer many tools with which to help their clients.

Indian astrology dates back close to 3000 B.C., yet its wisdom is timeless. Planetary archetypes are universal principles that not only describes human events but all events on Earth.

The Sun relates to power.

The moon relates to connection.

Mars relates to protection and discipline.

Mercury relates to flexibility and communication.

Jupiter relates to principles and teachings.

Venus relates to beauty and love.

Saturn relates to detachment and letting go of it all.

There is so much that Indian astrology can add to your life. It's not just some ancient, forgotten practice.

Indian Astrology is not something "out there" is something" in here".