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Relationship Astrology Reading - 2 horoscope compatibility

The horoscope compatibility factors in love astrology determine your relationship horoscope.

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The Moon's of the couple is the main planet used in relationship analysis, because it is the main social planet and what feels right to us. It is our Moon that is  seeking connection in relationships. The Moon is the part of our psyche that is seeking inner Peace and seeking to become whole through it. Relationships can offer the support that will allow inner peace to enter our lives and allow our higher human capacities to unfold. A main feature of Vedic Compatibility Astrology is the "Kuta" system. The Kutas are a series

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of criteria that measure the Moon's of each member of the couple. See the Left panel for Kuta parameters.     

Other Planets and Considerations

Other planets are also important when considering compatibility of a couple. Individual Planets in each person's chart are very important. For example, if one or both has a combust Venus (too close to the Sun) they will usually have difficulties feeling cherished and respected and become angry about it, thus disrespecting the other and in the process  bringing the feared disrespect upon themselves. Combust Mercury will make the person insecure about asking for what they want in a healthy way. Of course these things will present problems in relationships. When combined with other planetary configurations (see the link below) the results are very accurate.

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But Also important is the Navamsa chart (D-9) and the AK (Atma Karaka) of each person in the D-9. Planetary dasas for each person also must be considered. The dasa are periods that show which karmas are the most important to us at any given time. Click here to learn more about how the other planets determine compatibility.

The right chart shows a comparison of the kutas for  each planet. The Kuta column for the moon is highlighted. Also there is the Synastry Wheel, done by laying the 2 charts on top of one another

The left chart is of a male and female who had planned to get married, but had some problems. When his mahadasa period changed those problems erupted and they called off their marriage




A chart which shows the Kuta Comparison between 2 charts (KALA Software)
click to enlarge
A Chart which compares two charts side by side
(Kala Software)
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Learn about compatibility using the Kuta Point System


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