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  Dick Clark Dies and More - April 18 2012
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Dick Clark Dies and More - April 18 2012 - Secret service scandal - Female Judge - female VP's discussed


dick clark astrology

It is crazy to see the continuing Venus / Ketu - Mars direct changes going on.

Dick Clark was Ketu/Venus incarnate - as a Libra ascendant with Ketu/Venus in the lagna! - Rising to fame in Ketu then Venus dasa, after almost losing it all at the tail end of Mercury dasa. Then dying with a Ketu/Venus transit in his 8th house!

Also on this news day there was a secret service sex scandal - a judge excused herself from the trial of Trayvon Martin and specualtion about a vice presidential running mate for Romney and women featured prominently in the discussion.

Ketu Power

Dick Clarks chart is a study in the power of the Nodes and raja Yogas. I discussed this in great detail on this free web class. A Libra ascendant, positive, upbeat and attractive - times 10! His great success began in Ketu dasa in 1962 after narrowly surviving the payola scandals of the late 50's, the same scandals that buried the true king of rock and roll DJ's - Alan Freed.

His Sun and Moon dasas were also prosperous as they are both associating with major dhana yoga's in the second house (lords of 2, 11 and 9 in the second house of income).

Mars dasa he had a diabetic stroke (Ketu/Venus illness) but still hung on as Mars is powerful and ruling the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. He entered Rahu dasa 3/2012 and died barely a month later, as Rahu acts like Mars in the 7th, but with no power of conjunction, exposing the double maraka qualities of his ruler Mars.

The Venus / Mars Factor

The influences of Venus and Mars are also all over this day. We literally have a woman judge (both things of Venus) - a sex scandal exposed in the secret service (Sex=Venus, Ketu=hidden things, Mars=protection in Leo=the government). Also the references to the Trayvon murder and teh court fight have a clear Mars ruing to them.