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Cleveland Astrologer

Cleveland Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

It is hard for many to accept that Astrology evolved into a profound Science that not only includes mundane issues like seasons and earthly cycles, but also one that encompasses a deep understanding of the energetic behind all of creation.

Similarly, without the ego and the limitations of the body / mind phenomena there would be no division of the true self into the component qualities of the smaller self.

The Sun represents the Father. The Sun is the source of life on this Earth.

Mercury represents our ability to communicate and our informational mind. As the fastest moving planet and the one closest to the Sun, it is Mercury who organizes and articulates our material, mental and spiritual concerns. Cleveland Astrologer

Saturn establishes the limits that we must respect such as time and death. I once heard it said that Jupiter is wisdom, but Saturn is the truth. I like this explanation. 


Cleveland Astrologer

Many Astrologers also read tarot and palms and understand numerology.

Visualizing light through a prism, the world of Maya (illusion) is represented by the fragmentation of the one ray of light into seven colors. It is through the prism of the mind / body  / ego that light appears to be its 7 component colors.

  We only defend ourselves and argue when afraid, be it of physical challenges or the opinions of others. Mars gives us the courage to confront our fears so as to free our soul from bondage and ignorance. 

A default acceptance of the family’s orthodox view can inhibit the spiritual journey. We must align our sense of duty and virtue, with divine purposes to elevate the soul’s expression and those around them, and not to just doing good things to gain the approval of others. 

Rahu - A Tamasic Planet - Durga, the wrathful female diety is the ruler of Rahu. It is through the grace of Mother Durga that the Tamasic energy of Rahu can be transformed.