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Citrus Heights Astrologer

Citrus Heights Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

They had an understanding of occult knowledge and human awakening that culturally we do not possess en masse today. Astrology is an example of this.

For example, Venus in her full expression brings selfless love - divine love - compassion. We try to express this through the love we make with our partners.

It is not his fault that we are not only ignorant, but unaware of our ignorance and threatened by others power. He is doing his job, to make us tough, but we are fighting to defend the wrong things, the transient things in the world or our own opinions about them. 

Again, he will behave according to what is influencing him.
Mercury rules Wednesday and is a neuter planet. Citrus Heights Astrologer

He is what makes us fearfully cling to our embodied life or disconnect ourselves from others. Day to day we try assuage our feeling of separateness through our relations with other people and activities, but this always falls a little short. 


Citrus Heights Astrologer

From our vantage point here on Earth we can see the Orion Nebula, believed to be the birthplace of our Sun, or the Pleiades cluster of stars, newly hatched worlds in the making, and many other sky objects, and we are humbled by them.

We suffer when we experience love through our limitation. In the case of love, we experience Venus in limitation. With Mars, for example, we suffer when we experience limited power -- with Mercury limited skills and knowledge -- with Jupiter, limited understanding, etc.

Keywords: Atman, (individual soul) the ego, king, father, government, politician, charisma, dominance, vitality, confidence, accomplishment, self-centered Archetype: Bill Clinton

Venus is a rajasic planet, she is very worldly and the most sensual of all. She can make us hedonistic and over indulgent in sensory pleasures. 

Wisdom is knowledge we already have. Past lessons we have already learned, the things no one ever had to teach us. We learn those lessons because of the pain and suffering experienced through Saturn.