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Cedar Rapids Astrologer

Cedar Rapids Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

How often do we stop to remember that during the sunrise or sunset it is not the Sun that is moving, it is the Earth that is turning.

All human suffering is a result of the inability to express the full energy of the Planets.

This lower Mars is hung up on how things “should or shouldn’t be” in the world. It is for this reason that Mars is Tamasic. Anger creates ignorance. Ignorance is Tamasic. 

We can seek it outwardly in the form of pleasure, or inwardly as joy. We can seek it is transient things and lose it, or in the eternal and truly find it. Cedar Rapids Astrologer

  Occupations: PR, pornography, drug dealers, counselors, astrologers, psychotherapy, very worldly successful people, artists, photography Mantra - OM Dum Durgayai namaha (durga) Keywords: obsessions, attachment, Archetype: Andy Warhol


Cedar Rapids Astrologer

It makes sense. What else is there but the physical Universe? Astrology is the Science of our place in the universe.

Through Astrology we see which of our energies are stronger and weaker, as shown by the Planets. The chart below shows the highest lesson and the lowest expression of each of the 7 main Planets in Vedic Astrology as well as the North and South Nodes.

Archetype: Aleister Crowley

In this way he is Lord Vishnu, the maintainer, and the voice of truth in the manifest universe. 

Saturn makes us aware of our own mortality, through the death of loved ones, the aches and pains in our own body, the insults and humiliations and defeats that we endure that reaffirm our separateness.