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Universal Astrology Today

Whether you ever do chart readings professinally or not, astrology is something you can study for your own fulfillment, enjoyment and life education. To this end, I have done my best to offer classes that are affordable and understandable to astrology students, astrologers and all spiritual seekers. The study of Astrology is "The Study of the Divine Universe that Creates Beings and Experiences" - including You. How many things do you study that do not increase your wisdom at all?

Who will Benefit From Studying Universal Astrology?
*  Astrology Students by getting a holistic and deepy rooted perspective. THis perspective then can be brought into their specific system.
* Yoga / Spiritual Teachers / Energy Workers and Healers of all types benefit by grounding their intuitive healing gifts in the timeless Universal Energies shown by Astrology. 
* Spiritual Seekers benefit by learning specifically the energies that have formed thier body, mind and spirit and those of all others. 

I am offering a Special Discount of
Level 1 and 2 classes Below.

See the Video tou
r of Level 1 and 2
Universal Astrology classes.

(More serious students can also sign up for the Vedic Astrology Courses)

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Pre Class Study Materials 
(M any Said This Stud y Material Was Worth the Priceof the Course 

* Astrological Astronomy-1 PDF document
  * Astrology House Types PDF document
  * Astrology Houses PDF document
  * Astrological Astronomy-2 PDF document
  * Jupiter - Venus- Saturn PDF document
  * Solar-System-Example PDF document
  * Solstice-Seasons PDF document
  * Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury PDF document
  * BONUS!! - Vedic Sciences Class file (A Class that sold for 60.00)
  * FREE Vedic Astrology Software zip archive
  * "Upload Your Chart" Tutorial Video file

Relevant Vedic Background
Here are several relevant details based on Vedic/Yogic principles that apply to Astrology.

Week 2. General Planetary Attributes | Sun/Leo - Moon/Cancer - Some important qualities of the planets are discussed as well as the Sun and Leo - Moon and Cancer
Week 3. Mars and Signs - Sign Attributes | Anchoring Techniques -1
Mars and his signs are discussed as well as some anchoring techniques and special sign attributes.

Week 4. Mercury and His Signs
Mercury is discussed as a planet and a sign ruler.
Also we discuss the first "Anchoring Technique" - "Its Elemental".

Week 5. Jupiter and His Signs
Jupiter and his signs are discussed as well as a couple more of the "Anchoring Techniques".
Week 6. Venus and Her Signs
The Seductive one enchants us all
Week 7. Saturn and His Signs
The Old man - the bringer of wisdom and truth - Keeping it real


1. Free 6 week Class on Nakshatras, Dasas and Gochara
A class series that sells for $90.00!!

2. BONUS Class - Astrology, Numerolgy & Planetary Associations

Week 2 - Astrology Houses 1 through 4 Examined in Detail. Anchoring Processes
Week 3 - Astrology Houses 5-8 Examined in Detail. Anchoring Processes

Week 4 - Houses 9 -12 Examined in Detail. Anchoring Processes

Week 5 - Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail.

Week 6 - Anchoring Conditions: Combustion and Retrograde Examined in Detail. Anchoring Techniques w/ Houses

Week 7 - Review and Application of Universal Astrology 1 and 2


All Classes in Audio and Written Format!
Great for Ipod

NEW STUDENTS ONLY!!  Universal Astrology 1 and 2 - $159.01
(Over 40 Hours of Classes - 6 Week Class on Nakshatras Included as Bonus) 
Universal Astrology Level 1 | Universal Astrology Level 2 | Sam's Bio Here  

NEW STUDENTS ONLY!!  Universal VEDIC Astrology 1 and 2  - $159.02
Universal Astrology Level 1 | Universal Astrology Level 2 | Sam's Bio Here  


Purchase All Four Modules - The Whole System
(Vedic Astrology 1 and 2 and Universal Astrology 1 and 2)
for 325.00 - 
  A  $35 .00  Savings if Purchased Separately 

Universal Vedic Astrology Classes

Building on the "Universal Astrology" Model, we study system specific techniques in the "Universal Vedic Astrology" Classes.

The "Universal Vedic Astrology" Classes have a heavy emphasis on training others to read astrology charts professionally. These are advanced classes where "Universal Astrology" principles are focused through the leans of traditional Vedic Astrology.    

We will Study:
In level 1 Vedic : 

- Relevant Astronomy and Important Calculations

- Planetary Friendship / Enmity and Dignity

- Houses and Planets as House Rulers

- Harmonic Charts - Calculation, Use and Meaning

- Rasi and Graha Aspects (What They Are and How they Differ)

- Special Characteritics of Signs and Planets (Body Parts, Feet, Directions)

- Yogas (Combinations of Power)



In Level 2 Vedic: 

- Nakshatras and Their Use (Extensive - Continuous Focus)

- Integrating Dasas and Transits for Predictive Accuracy
- Dusthana Houses and Rulers

- Reading the Clients Mind, Character and Mood (they are different)

- Shortcuts to Reading Horary Charts and When to use Them 

- Zeroing in on What is Most Important in any Chart

- Making Accurate Predictions that Empower Your Clients

- Making A Living Doing Readings (Boundaries, Problem Clients, Your Personal Issues)

Level 2 Vedic Class
When: March 9 - For 6 Weeks.
What Time: 5:30 - 7:30PM (Classes are recorded so you do not need to attend in real time)  

Where: Your Home: it is a Teleclass
How Much: 90.00 For 6, 2 Hour Classes or Special Price Below
Homework will be Given and Grades Assigned. Students Progress Tracked Accordingly


At the end of the "Level2 Vedic Class" (If the Student is interested and has also taken Universal Astrology level 1 and level 2) a path to Cerification will be offered.


There will be three comprehensive tests that covers all four modules:
Universal Astrology 1 and 2
Universal Vedic Astrology 1 and 2.


The first test will be a written exam - with a three hour time limit (Prearranged).

The second test will be a 60 minute private Q & A with Sam. 
The third test will have the student do a 45 minute chart reading (taped).

If the student passes these tests with a score of 80 or higher, they will receive the
 Associate of Arts in Vedic Astrology  from the Universal Astrology Institute. 

The Fee for Certification  Testing / time involved for Sam to oversee it, will be $195.00 


Upon completing the Associate of Arts Degree the student may pursue the Bachelor of Arts course - a more advanced course of study that will be offered in the future. 

Whatever you decide, to simply study astrology for you own personal enrichment or toward a more professional focus, it is my honor to offer these classes to you. Please feel free to contact me and let me know your feelings about any of this.

Best Wishes,

P.S. Read Testimonials of Universal Astrology and My Book Reviews Here

I am doing more writing and teaching these days, but still make time for readings whenever possible. 

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