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Buffalo Astrologer

Buffalo Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

Venus shines like a diamond in the night sky and as a “Morning Star,” when it rises before the Sun. Jupiter also is radiant and breathtaking and of course our lovely Moon. We are blessed and equally humbled by our own Solar system, with its rhythms and daily magic.

Venus gives exactly what we need to love fully all the time, but we are not able to express her full energy until we purify the fears and desires associated with our smaller self, the ego. Thus Yoga and other disciplines give techniques on how to purify.

The Sun is considered a slightly malefic influence in the birth chart as it burns things up and shows where we can over exert our ego. 

  We all awaken in the morning with the intention of doing good, rather than doing harm. I’m sure even Hitler thought he was doing good. That basic desire to do the right thing comes from Jupiter. Buffalo Astrologer

  As such Ketu eclipses the Sun, the self in this way. He creates deep self doubt. This is the false self however, the self in the world, the show, the ego. Ketu is our divine discontent, our burning desire to be free of our body. (remember he is a body without a head). 


Buffalo Astrologer

Many of mankind’s earliest drawings, cave paintings and writings were Astrological records of some sort.

  Similarly there is a false sense of separateness that we have from each other and from our collective source. We try to understand the wholeness of reality through these limiting qualities of form and thought. Without a prism there would be no separation of light.

Keywords: Atman, (individual soul) the ego, king, father, government, politician, charisma, dominance, vitality, confidence, accomplishment, self-centered Archetype: Bill Clinton

When weak or compromised Venus makes us over eat, or eat the wrong things, have too strong of a sexual desire nature which disrupts our life, causing relationships based on physical pleasure, not general compatibility. 

Life is change and Saturn doesn’t like it. Saturn creates fear, stress, anxiety, worry, bitterness, coldness, callousness and grief.