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Bridgeport Astrologer

Bridgeport Astrologer here. I live in San Francisco, but i have clients and students from all over the world. I have many vedic astrology classes and free daily horoscopes.

Given that we are not directly immersed in nature everyday, it is easy to forget that we are residing on a large round globe that makes one revolution per day and moves around a larger globe at the center of a larger system of planets.

Visualizing light through a prism, the world of Maya (illusion) is represented by the fragmentation of the one ray of light into seven colors. It is through the prism of the mind / body  / ego that light appears to be its 7 component colors.

The Moon generally does no harm, but it is the most easiest to harm and its wounds are the deepest as it is where we are the most easily hurt. Essentially the Moon represents our mind (consciousness) and feeling potential. Our capacity and desire for peace and receptivity. 

A strong, or at least unafflicted Mercury is necessary for any and all forms of commerce and interchange. How can we get what we need or want if we are not able to ask for it or be understood clearly when we do? This is the domain of Mercury. Bridgeport Astrologer

  As Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the ability to expand, through Ketu, he removes obstacles in our spiritual path, enabling us to expand internally. Whereas Rahu is the Planet of worldly expansion, attached to worldly desires. Ketu is a contraction of that same energy. 


Bridgeport Astrologer

Few would dispute these claims as they are confirmed by logic and observable events, however forgotten they are in most of our daily lives.

The seven rays of light indicate the planets and their forces. All seven colors fully shone and integrated comprise the original, single ray of light. Yet we struggle with even the individual rays in their full expression.

  Astrologically, the higher Sun is the Soul; that part of us that seeks to be in the light and shine the light of the heart. A well-placed Sun gives clarity, direction, insight, intelligence, stamina and consistency. It allows one to closely connect their personal will to the higher cosmic will. 

Good food, good music, good sex, love and friendship are all given by Venus. Her charms are the most sought after. 

Saturn establishes the limits that we must respect such as time and death. I once heard it said that Jupiter is wisdom, but Saturn is the truth. I like this explanation.