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Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India. Along with Indian astrology or what is otherwise called Hindu astrology or Vedic astrology, Ayurveda looks to align the individual on an energetic, karmic level. It is a beautiful system that uses holistic remedies such as herbs, mantras (sacred sounds) and many types of dietary and lifestyle therapies to treat the origin of illness, rather than the symptoms of disease.

Ayurveda is also closely connected to a yoga and often prescribes different postures and practices to align a person with their deep nature.

Sam Geppi practices Indian astrology or what is sometimes called Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology in San Francisco, California. He's the author of "The Ascendant". He give many free astrology class videos and recordings to those who join his website. He has many free daily horoscopes available for those who join his astrology newsletter. Indian astrology is a lot like Western astrology, using the same planets, astrology signs and astrology houses to make the astrology chart. But Indian astrology also uses the stars, called "Nakshatras", in the horoscope itself. This adds a level of specificity and detail not found in the Western astrology readings.



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