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Lots of information about Telugu Astrology here.

Telugu Astrology

The same is true with a month; it is the 30 days it takes the Moon to wax from new to full. A year is the time it takes the Earth to complete its annual orbit around the Sun.

How often do we stop to remember that during the sunrise or sunset it is not the Sun that is moving, it is the Earth that is turning.Telugu Astrology

Venus shines like a diamond in the night sky and as a “Morning Star,” when it rises before the Sun. Jupiter also is radiant and breathtaking and of course our lovely Moon. We are blessed and equally humbled by our own Solar system, with its rhythms and daily magic.

When the
movements and energetic vibrations of the Planetary placement aligns
with our Chakras, we get pulled into a body so that we can come to
Earth (or any other planet) as there are certain karmas that we can
only work through in a physical body.

Yet each of the aforementioned systems is based on Astrology.

Soon, auspicious times for every event as well as the deeper motivating forces behind the universe were to be understood by studying the rhythm of Planetary movements and our relationship to them.

Given that we are not directly immersed in nature everyday, it is easy to forget that we are residing on a large round globe that makes one revolution per day and moves around a larger globe at the center of a larger system of planets.

Putting all feelings about Astrology aside however, who among us has not at one time or another gazed up at the night sky and not been moved by the mysterious, awesome, yet familiar nature of the universe.

Of the 3 main Vedic Sciences, Vedic Astrology is probably the most misunderstood, especially here in the West, where many regard Astrology as superstition and foolishness.

These are not just heavenly cycles; they are human ones.

Just because they hadn’t invented microwave ovens yet does not mean the early Hindus were backward ignorant hicks, cowering in fear of wrathful deities or whatever is the prevailing stereotype.

Its sister Science Ayurveda, is mainly concerned with the physical world and our physical bodies.

Many of mankind’s earliest drawings, cave paintings and writings were Astrological records of some sort.

That is why we make the same mistakes over and over again. An Astrologer can identify the samsaras that drag us deeper into Tamas (darkness) and recommend those that will keep us focused on Sattwa. (knowledge)

We must be careful as we are so conditioned by the unnatural environments we live in that we run the risk of losing sight of what is real.

In our modern world, most of us live in urban areas.

It is hard for many to accept that Astrology evolved into a profound Science that not only includes mundane issues like seasons and earthly cycles, but also one that encompasses a deep understanding of the energetic behind all of creation.

Like a nightmare wakes us from sleep, our life struggles are
wake up calls that force us to look for deeper meaning.

Our bodies run on the same 24 hour cycle as the Earth. Every morning the Earth turns to face the Sun’s life giving energy.

However, besides providing us with a breathtaking light show, Planetary and Stellar movements also have an effect on us.

Lots of information about Telugu Astrology here.




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