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 Astrology Lectures and Workshops of Sam Geppi



The Blast Astrology Conference - September 16-21 2008

I will be teaching on Wednesday, September 17 and Friday, September 19.

On Tuesday - the vedic astrology day - I will be joined by my colleagues Dennis Harness (president of ACVA), Joni Patry and Kenneth Miller. I will be speaking about a Universal Astrology technique that shows how to assess our psychological and emotional anchoring structures by looking at the Moon. Useful for all astrologers regardless of “System”.

On Friday I will be teaching a workshop alongside Western Astrologers, Eric Myers, Kelly Lee Phipps and Adam Gainsburg. I will be teaching a “Universal Astrology” Approach to Unlocking hidden Keys to Astrology Houses toward better understanding our souls evolutionary purpose.

Other notables at this conference are Rob Hand, Rick Tarnas, Steven Forrest, Rob Blascke, Demetra George, Ray Merriman, Gloria Star, Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer, Moses Siregar, Johnathan Pearl to name a few.


Sivananda Yoga Ninth Annual Jyotish
(Vedic Astrology) Conference -
August 29-September 3, 2008

Symbolism and Mythology for Self-transformation in Jyotish and Yoga

My Classes:
Sunday 8/31 & Tuesday 9/2

Sunday from 12-1:30
Overview of Nakshatra Deities - Focus on Rohini-Punarvasu - Tales of Destruction and Rebirth.

Tuesday from 12-3:30pm
Deities of Nakshatras. 3 Hour Intensive that will explore the story arc of creation ans seen by the three sets of nine Nakshatra triplicity.

Other speakers include: Chakrapani Ullal, dennis Harness, Jim Kelleher, Bill Levacy, Komilla Sutton, Nalini, Marty Cottler, Krishnan Namboodiri


Universal Astrology in Los Angeles - May 20-May 25, 2008

I teach two workshops on the Universal Astrology theme. Class Description as follows:
Vedic astrologer Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) has developed an innovative approach to astrology that dissolves all man-made and self-imposed boundaries to the Sacred Science. The astrology and cultures of the East and West flow together effortlessly in “Universal Astrology”. Even those who are not familiar with astrology will benefit from this exciting workshop. All attendees will receive a free CD of videos detailing the “Universal Astrology” approach!

Bodhi Tree
May 20 From 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
Weekend Workshops and Readings
May 23-25


Sivananda Yoga Beginner Jyotish Week - April 13-18, 2008

A sysnthesis of Vedic astrology Factors were taught from planetary characters, elements and more foundational, building block approaches to more nuanced details like house rulers and Nakshatras.