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Kanya (Virgo) - Symbolized by the Virgin 

Virgo rules the hip of the Kala Purusha
The sign Virgo has been spoken of as Parvaityar or hill resorter and is strong during the day. It rises with its head and has a medium sized body. It is biped and resides in the South. It has grains and fire in his hands. It is of Vaishya Varna and is variegated, It's element is air; it is virgin and is Tamoguni; it is of child like nature and it's lord is mercury.

Earth - Virgo seeks to follow a consistent and practical path.
Dual - Virgo will prefer being open to the many possibilities of life, as they are equally able to start something new or perfect what it has.
Female - Virgo is negatively charged sign - given to reflection and the internal process.
Tamas - Virgo is primarily motivated by the possibility of preventing or removing difficulty.
Biped - Virgo has 2 legs, which shows an average capacity to move forward and persevere through life, yet a more adaptable nature than the quadrupeds. Two legged creatures move laterally with more ease.
Medium - Virgo will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic.
Mercury - Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which shows an intellectual and curious path through life.

At the stage of Virgo, the feminine power of Mercury reflects upon itself in a flexible, (dual) Earth nature. Mercury as the speech giver and a planet of skill will makes Virgos a tactful speaker and one good at adapting to what comes their way. As a tamasic sign they will be largely motivated by the possibility of trouble and will utilize their many skills to avoid it. Virgo is where the soul is learning to do the hard work necessary to improve life through daily routines and techniques. An inherently weak physical constitution is seen here as the Sun rules the weak 12th house, thus an innate understanding of their physical vulnerability will be a deep part of the Virgo psyche and compel them to purify. The difficulty here is an excessively worried and overly responsible mentality and one that may come to only have faith in their own skills and actions. An exceedingly strict and self-contained efficiency can also be seen as a protection against all of the many things they fear encroaching on their well thought out routines. Seemingly at war with their own imperfections and the imperfections of others they can be intolerant and very hard to please when unevolved. However as being ruled by Mercury there is also a wonderfully irreverent sense of humor possible, which is like a healing balm to their many worries. Learning to lighten up, relax and share their many healing skills with others, rather than feeling a lower self - superiority through it, is a big part of a powerful Virgo psychology. Many times, this overly capable personality is simply an avoidance of their basically shy nature. But in general the Virgo is a very loyal and devoted creature, trying to do the right thing at all times.

The Virgo native feels vulnerability and confusion in the sphere of ambition and worldly gain when viewing themselves in comparison to their peers and large groups of people, as shown by the Moon as lord of the 11th house. They will overcompensate by assuming an anonymous and humble lot in life, preferring solitude, anonymity and other activities that allow them to let go of their personality and ego as the Sun powers the 12th house for this native.


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