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Vrrischika (Scorpio) - Symbolized by a Scorpion

Scorpio rules the private parts of the Kala Purusha

Sage Parashara says: The sign Scorpio has slender physique and is multi footed (centipede). It is brahmin by Varna and resides in holes. Its direction is North and it is strong in day. Its hue is reddish brown and it resides in both water and land. It has a hairy body, very sharp forepart and its ruler is Mars.

Water - seeks to follow a subjective path of connection and unity.
Fixed - Scorpio will prefer perfecting the things they have started rather than starting new things or being flexible and open to the many possibilities.
Female - is negatively charged sign - given to reflection and the internal process.
Tamas - Scorpio is primarily motivated by the possibility of preventing or removing difficulty.
Insect - Scorpio has many legs (insect) that show a slow and side-to-side movement, which is mainly an evasive action. Also, there is increased tenacity as the Scorpio is a full insect.
Slender / Hairy - Scorpio will only hold on to what is necessary and let go of the rest, with sensitive hairs that allow it to feel into its environment.
Mars - Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which shows a bold and courageous course through life.

Through the reflective power of Mars, the Scorpio native learns to stabilize the emotions as a fixed water sign. Its insect body and slender / hairy appearance give the Scorpio an unusually tenacious and adaptable body and course through life as they will dig deeply into life's great mysteries with the courage and daring of planet Mars. Many emotional upheavals are possible with this sign, as they do not tend to hang on to anything that feels unnecessary. An intensity and compulsion to develop the things in life that are working and to get rid of what is not, underpins their psychology. Yet they must be careful not to be self-destructive and always craving the internal drama and intensity of Mars. Scorpio rules the vulnerable and exposed private parts. As such, they are in a process of strengthening and protecting the most vulnerable areas of the mind and psyche as the theme of rebirth and regeneration is central to this sign. They are masters of human psychology and able to control others in order to feel powerful and in control of their own out of control lives and emotional cravings. Finding a balance between the transformations they seek and a more consistent course through life is necessary as they can easily fall into controlling and manipulative modes of behavior to assuage feeling of vulnerability as a Tamasic sign shows a psychology motivated to avoid pain. Once the power of Mars is united with the heart and real courage to face their fears is embraced rapid transformation is possible here.

The Scorpio native will feel vulnerable in the area of spiritual devotion and accepting God's grace as the Moon rules the 9th house. Although naturally psychically attuned to the workings of the human mind, they experience much confusion in how to put this natural wisdom and intuition to use. The Sun as 10th lord will exert too much attachment to his own efforts to transform. These self - motivated efforts foul up their transformation.


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