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Dhanus (Sagittarius) - Half man Half Horse

Dual - Fire- Male- Rules the thighs of the Kala Purusha
Sage Parashara says: The sign Dhanus rises with its back, and its Lord is Jupiter. It is sattwika. It hue is pale and it is strong in night; its element is fire and its Varna is kshatriya (royal or martial) It is biped to 15degrees and afterward quadruped. It has even body and bears a bow and arrow. It resides in the east and wanders on the Earth. Brahma the creator has made it splendorous.

Fire - Sagittarius seeks to follow their inspirations and intuition
Dual - Sagittarius will prefer being open to the many possibilities of life, as they are equally able to start something new or perfect what it has.
Male - Sagittarius is a positively Charged Sign - given to action and external life.
Sattwa - Sagittarius is primarily motivated by the possibility of doing something good.
Biped/ Quadruped - Sagittarius is biped in the first half, showing medium flexibility and stability at first. It is four footed at the end of the sign showing more stability and strength later on. The implication is the native will grow in strength.
Even - Sagittarius will want equality in their dealings and a fair exchange which, allows the flexibility and neutrality to seek Spiritual truth
Jupiter - Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which shows a hopeful and inspired course through life.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius as his male quality is expressed through the element of fire in a dual sign. An inspired mind and life course lights the path of the Sagittarians. A life lived in close association with their ideals and beliefs give the Sagittarian a naturally spiritual mentality. This is where the animal becomes human as is shown by their quadruped / biped movement. The flexibility to ponder and challenge their beliefs and develop them authentically is being learned, not just the ability to endure life's challenges through blind faith. Yet their Sattwic motivation will compel the native to do good things, not merely pursue their passions or seek to avoid trouble. Faith, hope and optimism are all a large part of their psychology, and once they embrace a true and authentic course, their devotion is unshakeable. Yet they may be too attached to the idea of having beliefs, rather than actually testing them and seeing how well they work, or even if their devotion is authentic. A lower and worldly religious orthodox nature is very possible with Sagittarian natives.  A deep sharing of wisdom is possible as ruling planet Jupiter is the Priest, the Brahmin, who would like all to walk in the light and feel as empowered by the faith and optimism that comes so naturally to him. The Sagittarians must make sure to be authentic and grounded in truth not in high-minded, untested concepts or dogma, otherwise fanaticism can develop and a gnawing hypocrisy, that will undue all of their efforts to transform authentically.

The Sagittarius native will experience doubt and vulnerability about death and life's changes and their ability to handle them, as the Moon as ruling the 8th house conditions their mental outlook. This will cause the native to cling very tightly to a belief system, yet not truly test it, which would subject their beliefs to the transformation from which they flee, as shown by the Sun as the 9th lord.


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