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Meena (Pisces) - Symbolized by the Fish
Pisces rules the feet of the Kala Purusha
The sign of meena has the appearance of a pair of fish; one tailed with the head of the other and is strong in day. Its element is water and it is satwaguni and healthy. It glides in water and its Varna is Brahmin. It is footless, has a medium sized body, resides in the Northern direction and rises with both head and back. It's lord is Brihaspati or Jupiter, the teacher of the Gods.

Water - Pisces seeks to follow a subjective path of connection and unity.
Dual - Pisces will prefer being open the many possibilities of life, as they are equally able to start something new or perfect what they already have.
Female - Pisces is negatively charged sign - given to reflection and the internal process.
Sattwa - Pisces is primarily motivated by the possibility of doing something good.
Footless - Pisces has no feet and thus may find itself at the mercy of the tides of life.
Medium - Pisces will want to maintain moderation and balance in their presentation and activities, which allows them to stay realistic.
Jupiter - Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which shows a hopeful and inspired course through life.

Jupiter rules Pisces, as his dual nature is expressed through the feminine principle. Sage Parashara says, "it glides in the water" and "is footless." This is a telling description indeed as at the stage of Pisces the soul is completing a major cycle of Karma through this 12th Sign. Creative intuitive, emotional selfless, mystical, the Pisceans are all of these things as well as many more. They can be relentlessly driven at times and equally complacent the next. They must learn to be practical and grounded so as to finish the last bit of work necessary to complete this current cycle. These natives are keenly aware of cycles and loss as they struggle to learn what to let go of and what to embrace. There is a sense of a new phase of life and growth ahead of them as well as the awareness of all that has passed and led to this point. Existing between these 2 worlds can be overwhelming.  At times their intuition is so overwhelming that the fishes will want to escape and drift, footless with the ever-changing tide. How Pisceans escape will show a lot about how much happiness they will get out of this life and how close they will move to completing the karmas of this cycle.

The Pisces native experiences vulnerability in the area of exercising discrimination, especially as it relates to the things they love, as shown by the Moon ruling the 5th house of dharmic and truthful creative intelligence. They will compensate for this with a dutiful, even servile attitude or depending on the strength of the Sun they may be buried in hard work and be very worldly motivated


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